By: Steve Dellar | 11-04-2017 | News
Photo credit: Facebook Laura Plummer

Family of UK Tourist Arrested In Egypt Fear For Her Life

A British woman entered Egypt with painkillers for her husband’s back and was promptly arrested. She’s been in a prison cell with 25 other women for almost a month now, facing a possible 20 years in jail whilst her family fears for her life.

Ms Laura Plummer made all the British newspapers this week when her family went on the morning shows, explaining was had happened to the 33 year old shop worker from Hull.

The picture shows Laura Plummer (centre) with her sisters Jayne Synclair (left) and Rachel Plummer (right).

She was arrested after 290 tramadol tablets and some naproxen for her husband’s sore back were found in her suitcase upon her arrival at the airport, before she would hop into a taxi and join her Egyptian husband at their booked Red Sea resort.

Her family alleges that she then signed a 38-page statement in Arabic, being convinced that she would be able to leave the airport afterwards and begin her two-week break.

Tramadol is a high potency painkiller which is legal in Britain (although users must have a prescription). It is however highly illegal in Egypt as it is known to be used as a heroin substitute, something which is seriously frowned upon in the strict Islamic country.

Ms Plummer visits her husband two to four times per year. He’s had back problems ever since having a work accident, explains the family.

Her family says the charges against her are for drug trafficking, which carries a possible 25 years in jail.

Mother Roberta stated: “She had no idea she was doing anything wrong. The painkillers were placed at the top of her suitcase; she wasn’t hiding them.”

Brother James said: “It’s just blown out of proportion completely. She’s so by the book, so routine, she just likes her own home comforts, watches Emmerdale every night or things like that, going to bed at nine o’clock every night.”

A UK Foreign Office spokesman, who have been bombarded with questions as the story is making the UK press rounds, said: “We are supporting a British woman and her family following her detention in Egypt.”


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