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Fights between neighbors are as old as mankind itself. In the first human city of Uruk, which became a city as soon as people started living next to each other in group, there were probably a few neighbours who didn’t get along, and I reckon fights were not about the same things they are now, but again, issues between neighbours are as old as mankind itself.

A man got sentenced in a Nebraska court today for having had the ultimate neighbor fight we would call it.

The family next door and himself didn’t get along too much, so after trying to settle the arguments over ‘music too loud’, ‘stop mowing your grass on a Sunday’, and the other usual things people get worked up on about their neighbors, he found the ultimate revenge.

He called strippers with the specific instruction to show up with a stereo blasting music and then performing on the front lawn of the neighbors, undressing and afterward asking for payment.

45-year-old Mr. Douglas Goldsberry did this a few times. 75 times to be exact.

Local police confirmed that Mr. Goldsberry hired prostitutes to bare their breasts and strip on his neighbor's porch while he watched from his house.

The family with two small children reported that girls had shown up as many as 75 times since 2013, exposing themselves and sometimes kicking the door and yelling for payment, which Mr. Goldsberry had instructed them to do.

Mr. Goldsberry appeared to have a liking for the 80s and 90s hits during performances, asking the girls specifically to strip to the late Joe Cocker’s ‘You can leave your hat on’ , Def Lepard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher’ and his absolute favourite was the dance routine from the movie ‘Flasdance’, Michael Sembello’s ‘She’s a Maniac’.


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