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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Attacked Outside his Bowling Green Home by Registering Democrat

We've seen a consistent series of violent assaults upon American citizens to the right of the spectrum ever since the election or the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump; and in some of those cases, the deranged lunatic liberals have attempted to commit mass murder.

Now we're being told (and of course the mainstream media isn't reporting this story) that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a hero to millions nationwide who want to Abolish the Federal Reserve; was attacked outside of his home in Bowling Green.

"Senator Paul was blindsided and the victim of an assault," Kelsey Cooper, a spokeswoman for Paul, said in a statement. "The assailant was arrested and it is now a matter for the police. Senator Paul is fine.”

The suspect was later identified by Police as 59-year-old Rene Boucher of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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It's also being reported that the Warren County Attorney's Office has since issued a warrant for Boucher's arrest shortly after the assault took place on Friday.

Boucher has now been formally charged with 4th degree assault, causing a minor injury.

It's believed that Rand Paul and Boucher may have been acquaintances of some sort possibly through mutual friends albeit we are unsure of what type of relationship they had being personal or business or something in between.

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The initial attack occurred right on Rand Paul's property at around 3:30 PM, which is stunning they such a powerful and widely renowned member of a Congress such as Rand Paul could be targeted and the media barely bat an eye.

Whilst it's still considered an ongoing investigation, State Police spokesman Jeremiah Hodges said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were on scene to investigate whether or not the assault was intended to have been politically motivated, but he was unable to elaborate on the status of that investigation at this time.

Even if there were political motivations, I'd find it even less likely the media would focus on those truths since Paul is a Republican and one who is enemy of the Federal Reserve much like his brilliant father Ron Paul.

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David Habich, who's a spokesman for the FBI said that the Federal Agency was not only fully aware of the incident concerning Paul but intends to wholeheartedly investigate to the fullest.

"We are working with our state and local partners to determine if there was a violation of federal law," Habich said.

Later Reuters reported that Rene Boucher was <a href=" ">bailed out of the Warren County Jail </a>on a $7,500 cash bond which they confirmed with Captain Chip Olney of the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

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Rand Paul is now 54 years old, and is still an active ophthalmologist in Kentucky where he often performs services pro bono for those in need.

Unsurprisingly to most, voter records from March of 2017 show that Rene Boucher had registered as a Democrat <a href="">(as reported by USA Today)</a>, which is the party of criminals as these types of left versus right attacks often occur in modern times because deranged liberals can't get over the fact that they've lost.

This is becoming a serious threat to Trump Supporters and folks on the right, where you're being targeted.

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Senator Rand Paul has yet to make a public statement himself, but it's terrifying that someone who wants to do him harm can show up to his personal residence where his family is and when get that close to him.

After the events at Alexandria, Virginia Congressmen and especially the GOP need security at all times.

We all remember the Congressional Baseball Game where Republican Lawmakers were targets of the demented Bernie Sanders’ supporter James Hodgkinson.

When the 66 year old Hodgkinson opened fire into the crowd, he had a <a href="">“Republican Hit List” </a>in his pocket in which he began shooting at the GOP members specifically on his list.

The surreal shooting of innocent elected officials at the Alexandria, Virginia baseball practice where Hodgkinson infamously shot and nearly killed Representative Steve Scalise, among several others who were enjoying the experience on the baseball diamond is partially to be blamed upon the Deep State propaganda media networks which control the airwaves and misdirect completely lies into actual events in order to manipulate their viewers and fill them with hatred and spite based upon no foundation whatsoever.

Of course whenever such terrifying events as a major attack or a killing out in the open occur and the suspect is a leftist or a minority or if it's supposedly someone on the right who is responsible the media plays one out of three possible roles most of the time.

One, they play stupid and act like they don't understand all of the facts surrounding the case, often times avoiding identifying the suspect at all if he or she is a minority (and believe me, people see right through it including minorities who realize what's going on).

They did this with the GOP Baseball practice shooting, where CNN actually had the audacity to act like ignorant fools and utter jackasses in an effort to delegitimize the premeditated attack on Republicans made by James Hodgkinson.

For example, in that case <a href=""> CNN wrote the following </a>on their website:

<blockquote>”A list of names – including some Republican members of Congress – was found with the Alexandria shooter, according to a law enforcement source. The law enforcement source tells CNN that it's not clear it is an assassination list.</blockquote>

What? Are they… Are they serious? First of all, when the mainstream media says <i>an anonymous source</i> that's a complete lie, it's the journalist, producer, and writers who come up with a speculation point and simply use the words anonymous source to make it seem more interesting.

Second, did they just say <i>”the law enforcement source tells CNN that it's not clear of it is an assassination list”</i>?

A gun has a list of Republicans he wants to kill, stocks up on ammunition, intentionally plots and plans the attack for weeks if not months, and carries out his plan but they're not sure if it's an assassination list?

Wow. That's CNN folks. What a joke. On to my next point.

Two, the media makes an attempt to try and bury the story entirely, such as they've done with the <a href="">Antioch, Tennessee shooting at Burnette Chapel of Christ case where 8 amazing White Christians were gunned down </a>at their church during a Sunday worship.

Now, the minute that this story had a suspect announced as a Black Muslim refugee, who had multiple black power posts on his Facebook including following several Black Supremacists and even sharing ISIS videos on his page and promoting the National Football League’s “#TakeAKnee” Anti-White Anti-American sentiment; the lügenpresse completely shut that story down.

You've almost not even heard of it mentioned, including now that we know Emmanuel K. Samson intentionally hunted down White men and women like the savage animal he is.

The mainstream media is nearly muted on it and I'm talking to you too, FOX News. We know Murdoch is a globalist who wants to shut it down.

On to my third and final point, which is the media's response when they can attempt to link the perpetrator to someone on the right.

Three, we all remember Charlottesville (how can we forget when the media repeated it twenty four hours a day and seven days a week?

One woman died, of whom we had at first thought was due to the actions of James Fields driving his car towards a crowd of AntiFa, only to later find out the cause of death was <a href="">most certainly a heart attack due to a combination of her poor health </a>and the fear or anticipation of the chaos which ensued.

The cause of death is irrelevant, and none should have died or been wounded that day at all to begin with.

The Governor himself and the police are responsible for what happened since <a href="">former DNC Chair and now Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe </a>ordered the police to allow the madness to occur and not do their jobs; but again besides the point.

The point is the suspect was plastered across the television for weeks to depict this incredibly false claim of White Supremacy and other nonsense when Charlottesville was a legally documented First Amendment march of various groups to promote awareness of the White Civil Rights movement.

It doesn't matter if you identify with those groups or not, there was one death, and the media made it out to be as if September 11th had just happened. Insanity.

They exploit certain events and completely silence their pundits in others (I could name a few dozen instances and I'm sure you all could name even more if we discussed it).

That's my point here.

The mainstream media is essentially Anti-American, Anti-GOP hell Anti-Right-Wing of any kind, and <a href="">the Democratic Party and most of the corporations which support them</a>are Anti-White.

Trump supporters are Black, Jewish, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Arab, Gay, Straight, Trans; of every color or creed or innuendo or all of the above and in-between are seeing these facts.

I see minorities defending Whites, and vice versa when it comes to the right wing. They're all aware of the sentiment of hatred and the lies coming from the left and the international Communists who control them.

The attack on Rand Paul, well while it's a travesty; it's only scratching the surface of what looks to be a pattern occurring against anyone who doesn't worship moloch and sacrifice children while holding a Communist Manifesto and identifying as a three legged bisexual giraffe.

It's a really demented world folks, and this attack I believe is just one of many more to come.

Stay vigilant and aware at all times.

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