By: Savannah Smith | 11-04-2017 | News
Photo credit: Hall County Sheriff's Office

Man Shoots a Teenager Then Uploads and Shares Murder Video on Snapchat

A sick murder was shot on video and even uploaded and shared on social media when a 19-year-old man murdered an 18-year-old boy in Hall County, Georgia.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect as Talon Lowery, and his victim as Bryan Ramirez. The authorities said that Ramirez had merely went outside for a quick break from his work at the Texaco gas station located on Cleveland Highway on Thursday night when Lowery drove up aboard his truck and took out a rifle and shot Ramirez in the back.

What made the crime even more sickening and deplorable is the confirmation from authorities that the suspect even filmed the murder on Snapchat then without qualms shared it with his friends.

Hall County Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen Wilbanks said that the victim was at work at the time of the crime, and the suspect wasn’t up to no good.

Wilbanks said they learned about the social media post and sharing of the murder when someone alerted them to it. He said: “While police was on the scene, a White County investigator contacted us to let us know his daughter had received a Snapchat video of Ramirez’s murder.”

The officer find sharing the murder video on Snapchat as horrific. Wilbanks said: “To put up something like this on social media then to distribute it is unusual.”

The authorities immediately went to the home of Lowery where they also found the weapon used in the murder of Ramirez.

The investigation is still ongoing to establish facts of the case. At this point, Wilbanks said they think the suspect and victim do not know each other.

More people including former classmates and friends of the victim from North Hall High School confirmed that they also saw the video of their friend’s shocking murder. One of the friends of the victim also condemned not just the murder, but that the video was shared on social media as well. Houston Wills said: “I saw the video. It’s awful. Who would take someone’s life then record it and send it out?”

Lowery has been placed in the Hall County Jail. Authorities have yet to announce formal charges against him.


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Anonymous No. 11136 2017-11-04 : 21:33

terrible… this has become nearly a trend. murder, suicide or torture, live on facebook…

Anonymous No. 11151 2017-11-05 : 10:03

Happened about 50 miles from here.

Police are looking into possible racial issues.

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