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Two Victims Killed in Plane Crash Near San Diego were on Paid Stunt Flight

The tragedy which occurred near the El Capitan Reservoir close to San Diego involving a small plane crash that claimed the life of two, was indeed a thrill seeking flight, according to newly released information a big the company which operated the plane.

Adrenaline chasing via such flights is common, where junkies of thrill seeking adventures and potentially life shattering excitement come to Sky Combat Ace, the company who operated the flight, in order to fulfill that addiction of such a risqué fix.

The company tragically lost one of their own pilots, Peter Gillcrist, and customer Garrett Engler in the horrific crash.

The plane went down around 30 miles to the Northeast of San Diego, at around 4:15 PM on that fateful afternoon.

The fiery impact of the crash was so powerful that it set ablaze nearly 20 acres of wildlife in a brush fire that was eventually extinguished, according to to Sheriff's Officials.

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The National Transportation Safety Board are also currently investigating the cause of the crash hoping to identity the cause as to whether it may have been a error caused by the pilot or if there may have been an equipment malfunction.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported the plane was an EXTRA EA 300. The plane was registered to KD Leasing based in Henderson, Nevada.

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Spokeswoman Megan Fazio said that the entire staff of Sky Combat Ace are heartbroken and that no distress call ever came into Air Traffic Control to report any malfunctions prior to the crash.

“We would like to express our deepest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and have been affected by this unfortunate accident,” Fazio said in a statement. “We are devastated and extend our heartfelt sympathy to the families and to our (Sky Combat Ace) team members who have lost a beloved colleague and pilot.”

The EXTRA EA 300 plane took off from Gillespie Field about 3:50 PM, and despite the lack of a distress call once it was apparent the plane hadn't returned the company had to contact Air Traffic Control.

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Several callers in the Lakeside Area near El Monte road began flooding Emergency 911 lines at around 4:20 PM to report what they described as a bomb going off, as well as smoke and fire billowing into the skies above.

Sheriff's Deputies and California Highway Patrol Officers were quickly dispatched to the scene who then called firefighters to combat the blaze.

The company Sky Combat Ace, which is based out of Las Vegas offers several “simulation” packages that thrill seekers pay top dollar to put themselves in a life or death role as a plan actually being chased in a dogfight, for example; performing various evasive and risky maneuvers as if the passenger were literally in a war zone.

This time however, the simulation of a life threatening situation became a reality and the role player act most his life.


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