By: Savannah Smith | 01-22-2017 | News
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SNL Writer Bullies Barron Online, Should Be Wary of How Strongly Melania Fights For Her Son

Every First Family is always the subject of the nation's attention and fascination. Sometimes, whether first lady or first children can also be subject to some criticisms if warranted. But bullying and humiliating an innocent president's child is always completely unacceptable.

One writer had the mean and nasty spirit to mock and bully the new President's youngest son, 10-year old Barron Trump, and has been facing tremendous public backlash since then.

Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich tweeted during President Donald Trump's Inauguration this reprehensible tweet: "Barron will be the country's first homeschool shooter".

The tweet was posted for a good three hours on Friday, before the barrage of outraged and indignant reactions and responses from the public came flooding in on social media, most netizens upset with Rich. Facing online firestorm, Rich deleted the malicious tweet after three hours. The television writer has also changed the setting of her Twitter account to private, preventing the public from viewing it.

A twitter account of "Trump Super PAC" reacted with a tweet: "Disgusting! SNL writer @katiemaryrich attacks Barron Trump which proves everyone SNL is mentally disturbed!Not [email protected]#Inauguration. Another netizen with the user name Jack Murphy also aired his disapproval with the tweet: " The fact that writer and other people are willing to attack Barron Trump, a ten-year old just shows how much we really needed change." Another Twitter user @FriendlyJMC wrote, "Wow! Who think insulting kids is funny? Weak."

A visibly upset netizen also reacted with the message: "Hate Trump all you want. Leave his kids-especially Baron alone. He's done nothing to you liberal scumbags ridiculing him." Others have questioned NBC for tolerating such hate while others call for the boycott of Saturday Night Live and NBC. Saturday Night Live has been highly-critical, disparagingly even, of President Trump. Rich has been writing for the show since 2013.

To date, Rich has not apologized for the matter, neither has her program and the station spoken on the matter. In November last year, host Rosie O' Donnell, a staunch Trump critic, shared a video speculating whether Barron was autistic made by Youtube uploader James Hunter. First Lady Melania Trump took on a fighting stance, called her lawyers and threatened to sue the uploader, while calling out O' Donnell as a bully. Both Hunter and O' Donnell quickly apologized to Melania before the charges could be filed. It was also clarified that Barron was not diagnosed with autism, while not condemning the condition that affects a number of American children.

Rich should remember that recent incident. She should also take to heart the admonition of social media users that a child's a child, and should not be part of political mudslinging. Essentially, attacking a child, according to the law is child abuse, and abusers will be penalized accordingly.

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