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We don’t exactly know anymore what started it, or exactly what came first as a human-animal combination in yoga classes, but given that yoga is here to stay, it was clear that some sort of different versions were going to pop up sooner or later.

The latest yoga trend in California is ‘cat yoga’. Yes, you do your yoga classes whilst cats sit and rest around you, sometimes they even crawl on you. I for one fail to see the muscle relaxation in this but then again, I haven’t tried it.

Yoga fans everywhere seem to be convinced.

After goat yoga, yes goat yoga, when viral earlier this year (a farm in Australia lets little goats jump all over you as you’re exercising, as you can see in the video, classes are fully booked 4 months in advance) we are now reading up about cats doing a similar thing

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Professor Cary Cooper of organisational psychology at Manchester Business School explains the benefits of yoga with animals: "They don't get rid of the sources of your problem. There is chronic stress, where you're stressed out by something substantial, such as a bullying boss at work. But there's also temporary, acute stress, like an exam, or a very busy week. Having a kitten could help with the latter."

A popular place in Sydney, Australia, called Catmosphere is offering classes of 1 hour featuring 45 minutes of yoga followed by 15 minutes of cuddling time.

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"City life stressing you out? Never fear, cat yoga is here!"

Catmosphere owner Mr Thomas Derricott exclaims cat yoga is a great way to reduce city stress and anxiety: "You find they will try and nudge the guests as they are performing yoga. They love the mats, so they will sink their claws in."

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Anonymous No. 11099 2017-11-04 : 07:27

I've been doing this for years.

Anonymous No. 11120 2017-11-04 : 15:48

Grab em by the pussy

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