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17-year-old with 15 Prior Charges Murders Innocent Man During ATM Robbery in Miami Beach

There are cases of gross miscarriages of justice that occur on a daily basis in America, and sometimes when violent and dangerous repeat offenders are allowed to remain in society they end up taking an innocent life as a railroad of the failures of the judicial system to keep them incarcerated where the wild and untamable animals belong.

That's exactly what law enforcement in Florida said happened this week at an ATM machine located at Bank of America in North Miami Beach.

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26 year old Dillon Bud Calvin Steve was withdrawing cash from the ATM near Northeast 12th Avenue and Northeast 163rd Street at the Bank of America when his life would be cut short by a brutal savage who had no place in society to begin with.

Steve's elderly mother, whom he takes care of, was waiting inside of their van when she witnessed a 17-year-old punk wearing an “Ecko” hooded sweatshirt with with a skull on the hood and the words “Kill Batman” and “HaHa” written on it walk up behind her son as he stood at the ATM.

After an exchange of words, the woman witnessed her only son shot and killed in cold blood right before her very eyes, so that the thief could make off with the few dollars Steve was. withdrawing from the ATM.

"It could have been anyone walking up to that ATM," Maj. Richard Rand said.

Law enforcement were called to the scene and were able to recognize the disgusting animal who was responsible for the heinous murder and robbery, not because of simply seeing his face, but because the no-good thug was well known to police with having 15 prior arrests in South Florida.

Yes, the seventeen year old, identified by police as Marcine Hill, has had fifteen other charges since the year 2011 with a variety of crimes including petty theft, grand theft, burglary, robbery, and now the new charges of second-degree murder.

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You would think, that it a 17-year-old had this many prior Felonies at such a young age they'd lock him up and throw away the key, or better yet execute the scumbag because he's already a drain on society.

No, Marcine Hill was given chance after chance in a surefire sign of <i>black privilege</i> where a criminal is allowed to repeat offend until the commit the ultimate crime of murder (or should I say the inevitable crime).

Law enforcement later apprehended the savage and he's currently in custody.

"The city of North Miami Beach will not tolerate this type of behavior," Rand said. "We work very closely with our partners in law enforcement, and like I said yesterday, you come into North Miami Beach, you commit a crime, we will hunt you down and I will catch you."

No offense to Major Rand, who I appreciate his service but it's a bit late to talk about not tolerating the behavior anymore.

A 26 year old hard working young man who takes medical responsibility over his elderly mother is how dead because of this animal.

Something has to change in America.

The second petty theft? Cut off a finger or their hand.

Murders or rapes or pedophilia? Public executions.

We have to do something different because society is collapsing and the laws only harm the law abiding as criminals continue to break them.


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Anonymous No. 11104 2017-11-04 : 10:18

Liberals you understand the reason they are call Criminals is because they don't obey laws. Citizens are the ones placed at a disadvantage by over the top gun control laws.

Want to pass a Gun law I could agree with? Any person using a Firearm to conduct a felony level Physical assault or robbery shall be sentenced to Death on conviction.

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