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Portland Mayor Allows AntiFa Protests after Trying to Shut Down Pro-Trump and Anti-Sharia Marches

The bias in liberal hellholes such as Portland, Oregon is beyond apparent at this point, where politicians and city councilman in these types of Democratic infested cities are vocally outspoken in their efforts to shut down pro-Trump groups from exercising their First Amendment rights whilst simultaneously encouraging AntiFa to roam freely through their streets.

Such is the case beginning tomorrow on a November 4th; where the Anti-Trump group “Refuse Fascism” intends to march through downtown Portland to commemorate what appears to be a series of Anarcho-Commie masked uprisings planned tomorrow across the nation.

There have been efforts for several weeks now from Pro-Trump and Anti-Communist sects to alert the public about planned attacks coordinated in those cities across the country where AntiFa is set to march in synchronization; but local event planner Robert Brown denies that any such violence is to be anticipated or was ever planned.

Brown says that all of the claims of violence being planned is both a “hoax” and “nonsense”, but it seems somewhat ironic that a group which claims it isn't an organization at all is able to issue public statements on behalf of it's supposed nonexistent membership.

Keep in mind most of these unemployed, punk teen degenerate losers and cowards follow no leadership to begin with; instead they simply match to participate in anarchy and chaos.

Every single American citizen in 2017 has witnessed the violence at the hands of AntiFa all across these great United States and nothing different should be expected tomorrow despite the attempts from an attention hungry local who claims to speak on behalf of the masses.

To make matters even worse, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is a Never-Trump Communist enabler who attempted to shut down a planned Anti-Sharia Law march this past summer.

In that unheard of situation Wheeler attacked both Jewish organizations as well as Pro-Trump Patriots who wanted to march against Sharia-Law and raise awareness of the dangers stemming from Radical Islam.

Both the American Civil Liberties Union and local Conservatives as well as Jewish voices in the community trashed Rod Wheeler for his totalitarian tone when <a href="">he attempted to revoke the rights of the Pro-Trump Patriots </a>who wished to march in Portland.

The hypocrisy is visible once again but now in November the same Anti-Trump mayor is fully satisfied with the known to be violent AntiFa roaring through his city as if they're somehow a group to be praised.

Since August, several Facebook groups, YouTube videos, and various posts on other social media platforms have included the use of the tag #CivilWar2017 which have intended to warn that anti-fascists will cause a violent uprising November 4th against supporters of the Trump Administration.

Some of the posts from the far-left terrorist organization known as AntiFa have vowed to commit acts of ‘bloody violence’ by raiding people's homes, seizing their weapons, and undoubtedly causing civil unrest on the streets of America tomorrow.

While Refuse Fascism and local AntiFa spokesman Robert Brown continue to deny these claims, the general public should be fully alert regardless to ensure that they're protected whether or not this is social media LARPing or legitimate ploys to create a violent situation.

Even more so musing is that the leader of the Pro-Trump rally in which Mayor Wheeler tried to shut down is a Hispanic Christian, and his group was in no way connected with the far right but was a simple Libertarian Christian group which has the support of the Jewish Community due the outspoken resistance to Islam.

Not a word from Wheeler however against the marxists, Antifaschistische Aktion, or the violent Anarchists which will be in attendance tomorrow.

We shall all simply have to watch and see how it unfolds.

To Patriots in the area, avoid downtown and if you must go out be sure to stay armed to protect your family.

As the old saying goes, <i>better to be judged by twelve than carried by six</i>, and it never could be more clear when anticipating violence from <a href=""> radicalized Communists who have known ties to ISIS </a>like AntiFa.

Police Sergeant Chris Burley of the Portland Police said his department is working tirelessly to pursue any leads as to claims of potential violence and will be working around the clock to protect citizens from any such threats.

"We want to ensure that while people have differing viewpoints, that everyone has a safe space to exercise their First Amendment rights without fear for their safety or their property," Burley said.


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