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#Breaking: President Trump Orders First Ever Airstrikes Against ISIS in Somalia

The Pentagon has officially confirmed that on Friday the United States of America's Armed Forces cia the United States Africa Command has just launched its first ever airstrikes against ISIS in Somalia.

The two reported strike zones occurred in coordination with the Somali government in Mogadishu against the Islamic State fighters including both ISIS related groups and those connected to an Al-Qaeda inspired extremist group which is dominant in the region known as al-Shabab.

Somalia has been in turmoil as ISIS has continued to not only gain terrorist in Africa across the horn but is believed to have several million Islamic fighters in various entities and tribes across the continent.

A U.S. official confirmed that the two strikes were carried out in the region of northeastern Somalia, with the first ass kicking delivered at around midnight local time and the second round of fire and fury happening later in the morning.

The official was not not authorized to discuss the full mission publicly so they spoke on condition of anonymity; only suggesting that President Trump has guaranteed that ISIS will be hunted and destroyed anywhere they exist.


attacks inside the state of New York, in Lower Manhattan this past week likely played a major role in granting President Trump the desire to return fire against the Islamic State and pummel them further into hell where they belong.

Somali officials have stated that the current batch of airstrikes is likely targeting high ranking Daesh leadership which intends to send a message that the United States has not forgotten, and will never forgive ISIS for the continuation of innocent lives lost at the hands of the demented pedophilia death cult.

Islam in itself is a threat to the entire world; no matter where you stand in the spectrum of political leanings.

The culture of Sharia Law and the extremist views of Radicalized Islam intend to conquer the planet.

That's their endgame, and they're gaining territories across the globe through savage and destructive means.

It's also reported that a ground assessment is currently underway to determine the total number of militants killed during the strikes and it's likely more drone strikes will proceed as necessary.

America's action in Somalia follows Russia's offensive against ISIS militants in eastern Syria, carrying out more than a dozen bombing raids and nine cruise missile strikes.

Over the past three days Russia has launched 18 bombing raids in the region as well as the cruise missile strikes from submarines, according to claims from the Russian Defense Ministry.

President Trump back in March gave the authorities to the United States Africa Command to carry out any and all strikes as needed in the region and today is the first time the mission has been necessary in order to take out hardened targets.

The main target of U.S. airstrikes are likely that of Somalia homegrown terror cell, al Shabaab, which operates in southern and central Somalia.

The Islamic State however has expanded over so much territory in Africa now that it's likely most smaller rebel groups are ISIS loyalists in order to remain armed keep momentum.

Let's hope today's strikes sent most of the groups scrambling for survival and greatly reduced the structure that the death cult of Islam had intended to build in the region.


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Why wouldn't he? It was inevitable :) Just a peon serving his masters.

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