By: Earnest Jones | 11-03-2017 | News
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Too Sexy To Convict? Killer Distracts Juror in a Florida Quadruple Murder Trial

Who thought that an attractive killer would distract a juror? well, a potential juror in Florida professed to the possibility of being distracted in a Florida quadruple murder trial.

The juror claimed that the defendant, Adam Matos, was “attractive” and that she might be “distracted” by serving on his jury. That statement alone was enough for the judge to raise serious questions about the potential juror’s ability to remain focused during the trial.

The debate about the juror’s statements came as attorneys debated the various jurors’ abilities to serve on a panel that could ultimately decide whether to send Matos to the execution chamber. The defendant faces four first-degree murder charges.

Judge Mary M. Handsel released a statement regarding the juror’s ability to adequately weigh any potential punishment by saying:

“I’m more concerned about what she said yesterday about the defendant being ‘attractive’ and that causing her to be ‘distracted’ and that might cause bias. Those — those statements are more concerning to me.”

The potential juror was kept in a preliminary pool of whittled-down jurors by the Judge due to her views on the defendant. However, here at we’re of the opinion that the juror may have simply come up with a ridiculous way to try to get out of jury duty.

The killer is accused of killing Megan Brown, with whom he had a son; Megan Brown’s parents, Greg and Margaret Brown; and Nick Leonard, a new friend who appeared to have had a romantic interest in Megan.

The court records indicate that Megan and Greg Brown were shot to death. Nick Leonard was beaten and stabbed. Margaret Brown was beaten and asphyxiated.

The prosecutors revealed that Matos used one of the victim’s credit cards to purchase pizzas. He was also caught on store surveillance video buying a shovel shortly after committing the crimes. The prosecutors have also revealed that he attempted to sell some of the family’s belongings and purebred dogs on Craigslist.


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