By: Earnest Wright | 11-03-2017 | News
Photo credit: Henderson County Sheriff's Office

Henderson Mom Shoots Two of Her Daughters - Planned it In Advance

North Texas just witnessed savagely at its very best after a mother shot and killed two of her little girls. The woman who’s been identified as Sarah Nicole Henderson is currently headed to court today after being charged with Capital Murder.

Investigators have reported that the woman shot and killed her two little girls in Henderson County, the two were aged five and seven-year-old, they were found shot and dead inside their home near Mabank on Thursday.

The authorities have placed Henderson behind bars and on suicide watch. It turns out that the Deputies received the distress calls about a suicidal woman at the premise and they were initially sent to the family’s home, near Payne Springs. However, after they arrived the adults at the house said everyone and everything was fine.

The same house called 911 after three hours reporting that a mother had shot her kids. The woman was arrested and charged with Capital Murder after she confessed to killing her two young daughters.

The authorities have revealed that they’re still investigating the case, although on Friday morning they said that they have learned that Henderson planned weeks in advance to kill her daughters. The audio from the 911 calls are expected to be released sometime Friday.

The awful act has left family, friends and neighbors in awe. Everyone agrees that the two little girls lost, Kaylee and Kenlie, were profound souls.

One of Maybank resident said, “There’s no reason for this, none at all. How could someone do this to them?” The superintendent of the Mabank Independent School District, Dr. Russell Marshall, issued a statement saying

“Today our hearts are breaking as this morning we received news that two Southside students were killed in their home. Counselors are at Southside today to provide comfort for our students and employees. They will also be available to help in any way needed for parents. Please bathe the Southside campus with your thoughts and prayers at this trying time.”

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office is getting help from the Texas Rangers who are assisting in the investigation. The 29-year-old woman is being held in the Henderson County Jail.


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No mention of any father around.

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