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Video - Cambridge University Unofficially Organizes ‘Best Bum’ Competition

As every year, the female (and some male) students of Cambridge University in the UK, in other words, the rich daddy’s girls, organize an unofficial ‘best bum’ competition.

The student magazine, The Tab, organizes the contest every year even though it is, understandably, frowned upon by the university board.

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Students are battling it out to see who has the “rear of the year”. The competition rules are quite simple: pose naked in front of a Cambridge university building or setting.

The students call it the poll of the "delectable derrières" and male students everywhere in the UK tune in to see which of the rich girls are looking good from behind.

It is already the fourth year that the competition is now organized and every year, other university girls are eagerly wanting to join in but so far organizers have kept it a solely for Cambridge thing.

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The student magazine did set up some rules for the pictures. They are:

- Nice pics please dramatic lighting, tasteful composition, and sharp focus. Keep it #profesh in terms of image quality.

- Have a laugh: the editors claim that bums are just bums. They are not looking for glamour shots, just a lovely, creatively taken photo of the students’ bottom.

- Daring locations: the students are asked to go out of their way to pose in a location that others will recognize.

We invite you to go on the tab’s website and vote.


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Anonymous No. 11052 2017-11-03 : 15:46

Daddy's girls, wait till daddy sees this.

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