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Florida Woman Hospitalized with a Severe Infection and Emergency Surgery After a Pedicure

A Florida woman says she was stricken with a terrifying infection that spread through her bloodstream and into her body resulting in both an emergency surgery and over a week straight inside of a Hospital room.

It's the location of where she alleges the infection began that Tara Batista says should have all women concerned enough to understand the relatively unknown dangers of such a popular treatment as a pedicure .

Batista, a bride to be, visited one of her favorite spas inside Tampa, Florida to enjoy what should have been a pleasant pedicure; but once Tara made her way to her appointment at “Nail Image”, a spa and salon located at 2784 East Fowler Avenue in Tampa, she claims the end results were a total nightmare.

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Tara actually spent a full week in the hospital after visiting Nail Image, which has both her family and friends in completely shock that such an infection could occur whilst paying for a pedicure.

Even worse than the pain she's endured already as a result of this spa of horror, Tara is now tethered into a picc line (a peripherally inserted central catheter, or in laymen’s terms an intravenous IV that stays inserted in the body for a prolonged period of time) for at least six weeks and she remains under the daily care of a home health nurse inside of her residence.

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Batista said she often sings at Puerto Rican festivals and leads an active lifestyle, says that the suffering from this event has turned her life completely upside down in several ways.

Tara says she's endured so much pain both emotionally, physically, and even economically by missing work at first a week in the hospital and now six weeks of home treatment as she recovers.

According to <a href="">FOX 40</a>, when Tara underwent this particular pedicure she told the woman who was working on her feet to “ease up a bit because it felt like the instruments were digging too far into her skin”, and that she could literally feel pain when it was happening.

To Tara's surprise however within just a few hours of leaving the Nail Image spa, she began to feel both light-headed and weak.

To make matters worse she says that the next day she began to experience both extreme fatigue and physical pain which she says began shooting up her leg.

A day and a half after the pedicure, Tara's foot had began to turn black scaring her family so badly that they said she had to go and see a doctor because they were worried, so they convinced her to let them drive her to the emergency room.

At this point Tara claims the pain was so excruciating that she couldn't even stand on her leg.

Doctors then diagnosed her with a severe infection, in which it seems was likely transmitted through the equipment used at Nail Image during the pedicure.

“Next thing I know, they tell me I’m going into surgery,” said Tara. “The infection had spread to my bone.”

The doctor which diagnosed Tara said she would have to undergo emergency surgery, which led Batista in the hospital for a week thereafter.

According to the Hospital’s medical records, they cited a deep injury triggered by a bacterial infection on her left big toe; which could have been from dirty or improperly cleaned equipment, unsanitary conditions inside of the Nail Image spa, bacteria or even germs on the woman's hands who was performing her pedicure.

Nail Image has so far refused to comment, despite being shown both the hospital report and the receipt from Tara's pedicure.

The owner has also refused to be interviewed simply saying, “There is no conclusive proof that the pedicure caused the infection.”

Tara Batista fired back, “For the infection to come on in less than 24 hours to that severity, something’s not right.”

A local instructor, Lee Timberlake teaches students at the Artistic Nails and Beauty academy in Tampa.

She says she spends 155 hours of a 240 hour curriculum teaching proper sanitizing and disinfecting procedures to her students, because these risks to the health of customers are quite serious.

Timberlake, who has taught thousands of nail technicians for over 10 years; says that all instruments should be scrubbed first and then placed into a disinfectant between every single customer who received a pedicure.

Shortcuts or avoiding the proper cleaning steps can no doubt lead to an lead to injury, according to Timberlake, who says while it's rare for one to occur they're undoubtedly possible.

Tara hasn't yet confirmed if she's going to be contacting an attorney, but the facts surrounding her case seemingly suggest it's necessary to file a lawsuit for lost compensation and suffering.

The worst part, Tara says, is that her marriage date is fast approaching and now she has no choice but to wear the picc line during the most memorable day of her life; her Wedding.

If you <a href="">check the reviews for Nail Image & Tan </a>in Tampa, Florida; several people have left unpleasant remarks about the employees and the business.

One customer says, "The people that work there are not nice and talk in Chinese about you."

Another customer went on to say, "I'm so disappointed with this place and the money I spent along with my time."

Now it seems Tara could write the worst review of all, that she nearly lost her life due to their unsanitary and uncleansed conditions.

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