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Breaking: TempleOS Designer Terry Davis On the Run

He has been live streaming and posting video blogs to his website. He has a cell hotspot and runs his PC off an inverter in the minivan.

Judging from his recent livestreams, he appears to be living in his Kia van which may currently have a repo order on it. This would mean the possibilities of multiple parties tracking him. Davis is a schizophrenic and his paranoia is well documented through <a href="">YouTube</a> and places like KiwiFarms forums where his rants about the CIA made him a popular subject for ridicule.

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He actually has 2 warrants out for his arrest now and 2 for FTA in 2 different cases. Battery/domestic violence, rumor on 8chan has it that the case involved his elderly father who <a href="">one anon claims,</a> posted the bail. From anon: "His mom, dad, and brother who lives out of state drove up to visit Terry in his van. They showed up unexpectedly when he was streaming. You could tell they were worried about Terry. The video hit me right in the feels. I can not imagine what it's like dealing with a family member with a serious mental illness like that."

Other anon theorize the fact that Kiwifarms had him listed as potential (and potent) lolcow and perhaps there were infiltrators who had been egging him on towards just such a breakdown. An apparent unrequited infatuation could easily have been used as a trigger to further push Terry. Sadly ironic fate, if so, for a man who had spent so much time laying out the grand conspiracy regarding the CIA attempting to recruit him.

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September 20, 2017 <a href="">for Gross Lewdness</a> and August 25, for <a href="

">domestic batter</a>

Most recently, the computer programmer responsible for the TemplOS operating system <a href="">seems to have possibly broken his collar bone,</a> after falling out of his van. If so, a hospital would almost certainly turn him over to the police. This is a breaking story, stay tuned for more.

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