By: Kyle James | 11-03-2017 | News
Photo credit: PIX 11

Volunteer Firefighter Chased Down New York Terrorist

A truck driver and volunteer firefighter was driving down West Street on Tuesday when a collision caught his attention. Little did William Harris know, he would be the first to the scene of the most deadly terror attack in New York City since 9/11.

After witnessing Sayfullo Saipov crash his rental truck into a school bus Harris chased after the suspect who had gotten out of his truck with what appeared to be two guns in his hands. Despite the danger, Harris chased after Saipov who dodged his attempts to catch him by keeping distance between them.

Harris says, "This is New York. You don't mess with us. I didn't think twice. I went after him and I had to stop him." Footage of the scene shows Harris chasing Saipov in the moments leading up to the arrival of police who then shot Saipov in the stomach."

Harris went on to describe the attack saying,

"He kept screaming 'Allahu Akbar' and waving the guns around. I don't know if he was looking for another target or not, but he had to keep turning around and looking at me and running away from me."

When police arrived Harris got on his knees with his hands between his head to show authorities he was not a threat while they sorted out the scene. "It feels good," Harris said. "Just stopping the bad guy."

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Anonymous No. 11011 2017-11-03 : 04:37

Unsung American hero.

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