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Vile: Perth Woman Convicted of Strangling Autistic Teen To Check Murder Off Her Bucketlist

A British woman living in Perth has been convicted in the slaying of an autistic teenager after luring her into her home in Australia. Jemma Lilley, 28, says she strangled Aaron Pajich, 18, with a wire and stabbed him three times because she wanted to check murder off her bucket list.

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Lilley then buried the poor teen in a shallow grave and covered it with concrete and tiles. In her testimony Lilley said she wanted to kill someone before she turned 25. The creepy woman was so high on "euphoria" that she told a coworker at the supermarket about her crime. The jury took less than three hours to convict the woman. Lilley had a roommate, Trudi Lenon, 43, who was also found guilty by a jury. Lenon had written a book about a serial killer before later becoming the embodiment of that character according to prosecutors.

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Lilley moved to Perth, Australia from Stambford, Lincolnshire six years ago. The prosecution painted a picture to the court that she had thoughts of being a serial killer since she was a teen and was fixated by sharp knives. Lilley was also active in the local BDSM scene known to others as "Corvina", the name she assumed in her bondage sessions. Prosecutors told the court, "At the time of the murder, [Lilley] was a person obsessed with violence and all kinds of unquestionably cruel manifestations of torture and was writing about it."

Lilley's stepmother weighed in after the trial, "She had always had an obsession with serial killers but she said it was a way of venting her frustration of what happened when she was a child."

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The victim's mother told reporters she would have to live with the broken heart for the rest of her life. "They deserve everything they get for what they've done," she said. "They've taken an innocent boy from his loved ones."

The two woman await their sentencing date on February 23.

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