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‘Operation Stop Soros’ Movement Launched In Macedonia

The crooked George Soros is facing scrutiny in Macedonia after the activities of his Open Society Foundations started being examined on Tuesday by a new initiative. The initiative which was launched in Macedonia is known as ‘Stop Operation Soros’ SOS is dedicated to countering the influence of the billionaire globalist George Soros.

Speaking at a press conference, the founders of the group called on all free-minded individuals to join hands regardless of their religion or ethnicity in fighting against one-mindedness that has inhibited the civil sector.

The initiative aims at focusing on unveiling the subversive activities by Soros-funded NGOs. Reports from Nikola Srbov who is a columnist for pro-government news portal Kurir and co-founder of SOS point out that the Soros-funded NGOs have monopolized civil society in Macedonia. Adding that Macedonian citizens have witnessed the instrumentalization, abuse and the takeover of the entire civil sector to meet the goals of one political party, Srbov also emphasized that its unacceptable and it violates the principles of civic organizing.

The violent processes in Macedonia have been funded by the Open Society Foundation which operates under the Soros umbrella. Any organization which disagrees with the Soros ideology has been pushed outside by the Open Society Foundation through its monopolization tact.

The Open Society Foundations has also been accused of undermining Macedonian sovereignty by working with outside interests and the opposition center-left SDSM party by Cvetin Cilimanov, who is the editor-in-chief of the state-run MIA news agency. The Open Society Foundations is known for cooperating with foreign embassies and organizations such as USAID to interfere with the political process in Macedonia.

Cilimanov also emphasized that its unacceptable and it has largely contributed to a feeling in the public that the traditional relations of partnership that Macedonia enjoyed with some countries are being compromised. The former prime minister and leader of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE party, Nikola Gruevski also made a speech in December in which he accused Soros-backed organizations and foreign powers of meddling in Macedonian politics.

The Open Society Foundation supported the violent overthrow of the legitimately-elected government in Ukraine in the Euromaidan revolution, as a result, Russian authorities were angered by George Soros and hence they banned Soros and his foundations since they were a threat to national security.

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