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Snoop Dogg Embraces His Inner Smurf to Make America Crip Again

Be a gangsta or host a game show with Regis Philbin. Someone needs to explain to Snoop Dogg that you can only choose one. Snoop Dogg's new album "Make America Crip Again" features yet another case of a mock Trump assassination. Heck, this isn't even the first time Snoop Dogg has attmepted to use Trump's infamy to bolster his own falling star.

Rap music fans had quite a bit to say about the promotional materials which included the middle aged man dancing around in a Smurf blue outfit. As some commmenters noted he does look slightly like a Smurf himself as he traipses around the grounds of his mansion. In a promotional video shared by All Urban Central Mr. Dogg is seen in bright blue pajamas, a blue hat and what looks like slightly saggy blue pajamas.

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Judging by the comment section, most rap fans are rather non-plussed by Snoop's latest media stunt.

"Lookin like papa smurf" "Nigga look like one of the Baseball Furies from off the movie The Warriors" "Fake ass crip snoop" "Bro's over here dissing the president and promoting criminal black on black violence, yet says Trump is Rasict lmaoo. I don't think politics is Snoops strong suite. Whoopie Goldburg looking ass." "I refuse to take this nigga seriously. This nigga spends most of his time at home, preaches about doing the right thing then goes and talks about somebody needing to get shot then starts looking like a smurf throwing up gangs signs glorifying that shit. Whens the last time snoop rode shotgun to get into some shit? In his 40s in a mansion throwing gang signs nigga please." "He can have a job just work we don't need his opinion on what's going on in the world." "Didn't Long Beach kick you out" "Guess he made his payments to the Long Beach goons, and allowed to rep his favorite American street gang again. When did "America" ever "Crip" before? Is he pushing social justice causes backed by groups who kill others for wearing the wrong colors? Pimping woman? This guy really has the IQ of a inbred dog." "He too old to acting like a damn fool…this so embarrassing"

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I know, but Snoop’s best days are behind him. Now he’s ripping off Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate” album. C‘mon man! <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Nick Short 🇺🇸 (@PoliticalShort) <a href="">November 1, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Others have pointed out that the album's cover is a literal rip off of Ice Cube's 1991 cover for his album "Death Certificate." The only noticable difference being the fact that the toe tag in Cube's album reads "Uncle Sam." Plagiarism was the case they should have given him.

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Anonymous No. 10971 2017-11-02 : 20:39

dude… those pajama pants thoe…

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