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Chuck Norris Says MRI Chemical Poisoned His Wife, Sues for $10 Million

Action star Chuck Norris is fighting a huge battle away from the big screen. Along with his wife Gena, Norris is taking on medical device manufacturers and San Francisco-based McKesson a lawsuit for alleging using a chemical in the MRI imaging scans of Gena that poisoned her.

Gena says she “has been to hell and back” over the past five years after being injected with a medical dye during her series of MRI scans.

The couple claimed that gadolinium that doctors injected into Gena intended to improve the clarity of her MRIs instead left her weak and tired. She also had to grapple with debilitating bouts of pain and a burning sensation. The action superstar’s wife said it has been a rough five years for her.

The suit the couple filed in San Francisco Superior Court also claimed that the reaction of Gena’s body to the injection has dramatically changed the quality of her life.

Norris’ better half said she only went for a routine MRI to check for a positive rheumatoid factor and at that she was given three MRIs in eight days. Gena said she even asked the medical staff if the use of Gadolinium was safe and “they said yes.”

However, the effects on Gena came immediately. After the third scan, she remarkably noticed that “something was wrong.” She added: “It started out with this intense burning feeling inside my body that I can’t describe like someone has poured acid on your tissues.”

The pain just got worse after that. The action hero in the movies had to rush his wife to the hospital the morning after the MRI experience. The couple ended up making five ER trips over the next few weeks and later on, had to also deal with hospitalizations.

Gena says prior to that experience she was definitely a healthy woman. She said: “I’m the lady of the Total Gym infomercials next to him. I’ve been fit all my life. So to have anything happen to me like this, it was a nightmare.”

Each new visit the burning was spreading for Gena.

She warned, though, that on and off camera, they are ready to fight it out. Gena boldly declared: “They poisoned the wrong lady, when they poisoned me.”

The couple’s lawsuit is seeking more than $10 million in damages, as husband and wife had to spend millions of dollars on treatment for Gena’s case.

Gadolinium is a metal found in so-called contrast agents used in many MRIs. There are studies that show it is retained by organs such as the brain, bones and skin.


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Anonymous No. 10965 2017-11-02 : 19:00

Don't mess with Chuck. Can't imagine messing with his wife.

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