By: Earnest Jones | 11-02-2017 | News
Photo credit: Jenny Morrison

UFO Photographed Over The Great Barrier Reef

The controversial idea pertaining UFOs and extraterrestrial activity is just mind boggling to most enthusiasts. Compelling evidence of extraterrestrial activity was recorded across the skies of Australia’s North East during the weekend.

The evidence was captured by Jenny Morrison who recorded photos of a bizarre UFO-like object that appeared drifting across the sky above the Great Barrier Reef on Saturday afternoon.

The Cairns local was sailing back to Fitzroy Island with friends as she was photographing the sunset with her smartphone.

The woman did not recall anything out of the ordinary at that time, however, while inspecting her photos later, she noticed a strange neon dot surrounded by a saucer-like shadow.

“When you look through the photos, though, the dot is in the middle of a saucer-shaped shadow thing," Ms Morrison told

“I haven’t edited the photos, or done anything to them."

Ms Morrison said she cannot explain the pictures and said the dot disappears in her last few photos.

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'When you look through the photos, though, the dot is in the middle of a saucer-shaped shadow thing.'

Ms Morrison likened the 'crazy' sighting to something normally only seen on television.

Far North Queensland has become known for being a UFO hotspot, with 20 sightings recorded throughout the past 20 years in Townsville alone.

The figure appeared to progress further across the skyline near Fitzroy Island with every frame, shortly before it disappeared.

Some sceptics voiced their opinions through social media, where they claimed that the object was a "lens flare". "I get that kind of reflection in my lens every time I photograph in near direction of the sun," one man wrote on Facebook. This comes just after the annual Cardwell UFO Festival kicked off in Queensland.


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