By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-02-2017 | News
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Monsanto Abruptly Stops Distributing Chemical After Break-Out of Rashes.

Monsanto Co. suspended the release of chemicals designed to be applied to crop seed on Wednesday.

It is an enterprise product approved by the US environmental regulatory authorities. In the latest complaint regarding this product, there were reports that it causes rashes those around it.

Monsanto has frozen a commercial sale plan for products called NemaStrike that can protect corn, soybeans, cotton from worms. Monsanto conducted a three-year field test throughout the United States, said more than 400 people used this chemical this year.

Brian Naber, U.S. commercial operations lead for Monsanto, said in a letter to customers about NemaStrike.

"There have been limited cases of skin irritation, including rashes, that appear to be associated with the handling and application of this seed treatment product,"

Company spokeswoman Christi Dixon also said that some users who complain about the rashes may not have followed instructions to wear protective equipment, such as gloves.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted extra evaluations of the product before approving it, According to Monsanto. The company also said “The technology is effective and can be used safely when following label instructions,”

There comes other problems regarding herbicide. When using this herbicide, it evaporates and diffuses to a place not in use. As a result, irrelevant crops withered and they suffered tremendous damage.

Monsanto is being acquired by Bayer AG for $63.5 billion.

The European Union's European Commission announced that it has started a full-scale investigation on the acquisition of Monsanto, a major German pharmaceutical, and pesticide giant Bayer AG.

Some of you may know about "superweed" ( NOT marijuana!). Monsanto's strong herbicide has created "genetically modified monster" like the weed. Farmers are now struggling giant, huge, strong weeds all over their field.

Please also see: Iowa farmers battle to keep 'super weed' out of their corn and beans

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Trudy Rubin No. 11081 2017-11-04 : 01:40

The best thing that could ever possibly happen is that someone expose these rotten assholes for the murderers that they are. And don't forget the politicians who are paid to look the other way

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