By: Kyle James | 11-02-2017 | News
Photo credit: KFC

KFC Now Selling Chicken Bath Bomb

Kentucky Fried Chicken, famously known as KFC, is the largest chicken restaurant chain worldwide with almost 1000, outlets located in well over 70 countries. The company, which is headed by David Rodgers, who is the CEO is one of the most leading multinational organizations globally.

KFC is also said to be the second most famous and largest food franchise in the world. Colonel Harland D. Sanders perfects secret blend of 11 herbs and spices in Corbin, Ky., and restaurant.

KFC fanatics will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in a giant tub full of used KFC cooking oil, giving them an opportunity to smell like their favorite fried chicken, courtesy of fried drumstick-shaped bath bomb.

The chicken restaurant joined hands with Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard to create one of its most outrageous products yet, the bath salts shaped like a cooked drumstick that makes your bathtub look and smell like one of the fast food restaurant’s vats of used frying oil, and leaves you smelling like fried chicken after a bath.

Who’d dream of reeking KFC? Well, the restaurant has a huge market base in Japan and its pretty obvious that Japanese people enjoy such absurd activities, rendering the unusual bath bomb a practically guaranteed hit.

Village Vanguard and KFC put-in so much effort in the unique novelty product. It’s not only shaped and colored like an actual fried drumstick, tin foil holder and all, but it actually looks like it’s frying when dropped into your bathtub. The minute it comes into contact with warm water, it starts to dissolve, with the tiny carbon dioxide bubbles creating the illusion of frying. The water also turns an orange-red color, like used oil, and the air is filled with the smell of KFC’s secret mix of “spices and herbs”.

However, the opportunity to smell good-enough is reserved to a few persons. The restaurant is only offering the opportunity to 100 lucky fans, through a raffle hosted on its Japanese website. Participants must like the KFC account on Twitter and share a specific tweet to be entered in the raffle. The campaign runs from November 1st through the 15th.

Although most of us might not have the opportunity to experience the ordeal of bathing in a tub of KFC scented water and step out reeking of fried chicken, at-least KFC has unleashed some photos to trigger our imagination.


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