By: Savannah Smith | 11-02-2017 | News
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Exploding Washing Machine TKO's Minnesota Mother

A strange sound that’s almost like a howl coming from a Minnesota woman’s washing machine caught her attention, and so she came to the laundry room to have a check. The timing proved to be unfortunate as the machine, which was on a spin cycle at those moments, just exploded to her face.

Sara Van Beck was just washing her daughter’s clothes when she was surprised with a different, high, almost like a howl, and whistling noise from her Whirlpool Duet. When she came into the laundry room, the spin cycle was on. Then from nowhere, she was just hit with a force and she fell backwards and hit her head.

When she regained her consciousness while still struggling with the pain, Beck was able to call her husband for help from her Apple watch. When she managed to look up, she was incredulous with what she saw.

Beck said: “These are the ball bearings that blew out. They were all over the room. She also shared that those ball bearings and other parts hit her like shrapnel.

The sheer force of the explosion also caved in the side of the dryer, breaking it in turn.

The washing machine is not even that old, as Beck bought it nearly three years ago. The model is also not part of any recall. Other than the odd noise it was churning out, and the washer spinning for a long time, Beck said she did not see any strong signs or warning that the machine could be in trouble, or that it can bring such danger as an explosion.

Beck added: “It did not smell hot. It was not overheating. None of those things were happening. It just basically blew up.

Beck, a Catholic school teacher was simply grateful to God that it was she, and not one of her five children, who was standing near the front-loading door of the washing machine when the explosion happened.

She shared: “It would have been deadly. And that’s what scares my husband and I the most.”

The mother shared her experience on social media Facebook and others responded that the same happened to them with their own washing machines.

It is not clear what specific injuries the teacher sustained when the machine blew up. However, while she encountered initial difficulties in reaching out to Whirlpool, she said that the company has agreed to buy her a new washer and dryer.

It is not clear if with such replacement of machine, Beck will not pursue any possible case or damages with the company. Whirlpool has not responded to local media requests for reaction on the matter.


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Anonymous No. 10945 2017-11-02 : 14:16

Fucking overpriced chinese made trash. This is why I never trust front-loaders either.

At one point Whirlpool was a rather good company too. Now they just milk the name to sell chinese garbage with a 50% markup.

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