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Video: Polish Wolf Of Wall Street Company Parades Naked Woman In Office

For men, one of the greater scenes in Wolf of Wall Street (how did that not win more Oscars), is when the sales team gets motivated by having a bunch of naked girls walking into the office after a tough day of work. Of course in the movie these are in fact strippers and prostitutes

The reaction of cinemagoers to this scene of the life of Jordan Belfort is indeed priceless.

Poland, an up and coming economy in the rise in Europe, tends to be along with the spirit of the times, and so they organized pretty much the same thing, but in an Eastern European economy fashion, aka not as richly organized.

In a call centre, a local boss wanted to motivate his mostly male sales staff and got one of the receptionists to go naked (for a fee we assume) and parade around like that in the office to great cheers from the men

As you can see the unidentified woman was captured on mobile phone at the office in the Polish capital Warsaw, completely naked apart from a pair of dark sunglasses and black boots.

Online users commented on the video, with one saying: "No values, money rules this filthy world."

Another added: "The world is ending… people behave like animals for what… for a piece of paper they sell themselves, lose their dignity and respect. Sad and pathetic."

However one of them defended the video saying: "I do not understand this indignation. The girl wanted to go naked and did. I do not like it but let’s not be so prudish. I get the impression that some here have never seen a naked women before."

We haven’t noted a reaction from the quite conservative Polish government to this latest PR stunt of their countrymen just yet, but are going to assume that it would be best if the name of the call centre does not get leaked.


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Anonymous No. 10949 2017-11-02 : 14:25

Looks like a fun office

Anonymous No. 11008 2017-11-03 : 03:05

Lol "Lawsuit incoming"

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