By Kyle James  |  11-02-2017   News
Photo credit: ABC 13

Police say a grandfather came home to his apartment in west Houston, Texas to find his daughter and granddaughter shot dead. He immediately called 911 and the police have ruled their deaths as a murder and suicide.

After the mother, Karima Henderson, brought her daughter 17-year-old daughter Victoria to her grandfather's apartment she then shot her killing the teen. Police say Henderson, who is 35, then turned the gun on herself and committed suicide. Ken Luu lives in the apartment below and was shocked to hear the news, "Oh my God," he said. Luu said he recalled hearing loud noises of doors slamming upstairs but didn't think anything of it the disturbance, ""I cannot believe it. How can that happen? I mean mother killed her own daughter. I cannot imagine things like that can happen."

Victoria was withdrawn from school in March according to school officials and she had been attending school online with the Texas Connections Academy, a virtual school that is run by the Houston ISD. Police are investigating what led up to the mother snapping on killing her own daughter before turning the gun on herself.

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