By: Savannah Smith | 11-02-2017 | News
Photo credit: LVMVD

Black Fugitive Man Fatally Sucker-Punched Elderly 74-Year-Old Man

A black fugitive man fatally sucker punched a 74-year-old man. Now, the authorities are hot on his tracks to arrest him for the crime. The District Attorney’s Office is also earnestly calling on the public to help find the suspect and bring him to justice.

Antoine Evans was charged with second degree murder in the death of victim, 74-year-old Roy Wilson. The age of Evans was not indicated, but a photo of him shows he could be much younger than the victim.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson said the two men got involved in a fight when Evans punched Wilson, causing Wilson to hit his head.

The incident happened two years ago, in September 2015. Evans was initially charged with battery, but it has been changed to a graver offense when Wilson remained in coma following the incident for eight months.

Wolfson explained that the charge was elevated to murder once Wilson passed away. It helped also that more witnesses came forward to give their testimonies, strengthening the case to further develop.

The altercation between the two men apparently involved jealousy over a woman. Wolfson said: “ I don’t want to say a love triangle, but there was a woman involved, and that’s what people think is the reason Mr. Evans punched Mr. Wilson.”

The authorities are asking the public’s assistance in establishing the whereabouts of Evans who has been missing. Anyone with helpful information or tips on the location of Evans is requested to call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

Anonymous tips are also welcome. What’s more what could be any concerned citizen’s contribution to helping authorities nab a fugitive responsible for the death of an elderly man can prove financially rewarding as well. Authorities say helpful information can make the tipster eligible for a cash reward.


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Anonymous No. 10930 2017-11-02 : 09:51

Another Black on Black (BoB) Murder.

NOTE: Police only account for roughly 0.0074% of 1%, or 6 bad shoots out of 259 Police vs Black killings (2015 FBI & WP data) .

If BLM, or the Kneelers were serious about saving Black Lives, they should be addressing this outrageous BoB Killing statistic.

Anonymous No. 10932 2017-11-02 : 10:10

Sorry I hit enter, omitting the bigger fact picture:

The 2016 black homicide victim total was 7,881. With well over 7500 of these being BoB killings (95.165%).

POLICE : Out of 259 police vs Black shooting, only 6 were considered bad shoots (2.316% out of 259).

Or less than 0.0761% of 1% of the 7881 BoB killings.

So who is killing black in droves?

Not the whites, Hispanics, Asians, and not the police, but other Blacks.

Where are the Kneelers, BLM, and race baiters on the real Black problem?

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