By: Savannah Smith | 01-19-2017 | News
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Looking Ahead: Trump Unveils His 2020 Winning Reelection Slogan

Right after winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Donald Trump immediately went down to take care of serious business to fulfill his campaign promise of " Make America Great Again" by working to keep jobs in America for Americans, working the foreign relations dynamics to wrestle back America's power and position before the world, and recruiting the best people to push for a stronger military. Political observers even asked if Trump were the President already after his victory as his hard work and dedication overshadowed Obama on the dying days of the latter's administration.

And now, a day before he officially takes his oath as the 45th President of the U.S., so forward-looking Trump is and so confident he is of how he would perform as the new Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. that he already has a working slogan for his 2020 reelection bid. Trump revealed in a recent newspaper interview what it would be. It's a take off and a logical continuation of his Make America Great Again- none other than Keep America Great! Tomorrow's official new President made sure on including the exclamation point for emphasis and for greater vigor.

Trump also proved that he is serious with the slogan that he called on his lawyer during the interview where he first revealed the new slogan, and right there and then instructed to have Keep America Great! trademarked for him. He earlier had the same vision for the winning Make America Great Again slogan as he sought its trademark as early as 2012, following Mitt Romney's loss to President Obama. Trump paid a $325 fee to get the rights to the slogan he himself thought of.

Trump's visionary gifts were later vindicated as Make America Great Again became a very compelling campaign message inspiring supporters and believers to embrace it as their election battlecry, and rallying behind Trump. The #MAGA campaign slogan resonated with Americans left frustrated with how things stand with the country under Obama- job insecurity and job loss, skyrocketing health costs, violence and break down of law and order, a serious illegal immigration problem, a demoralized military, declining influence of the U.S. in the world, among many issues. Make America Great Again became even more powerful when compared and contrasted to the weak and bland slogan " Stronger Together" of Hillary Clinton.

So popular and catchy the phrase had become that many supporters had it emblazoned on caps and shirts all over the country, helping push and strengthen what Trump called an unstoppable movement- that of Americans hungry for change, and confident that Trump will be the man to bring that much-desired and badly-needed change.

As he will officially start his presidency tomorrow, Trump vows to work even harder to bring the needed components of his goal of making America great again including keeping jobs and creating new jobs in the U.S., better alternative to the infamous ObamaCare, greater protection against the threats of illegal immigration to the safety of Americans, and strengthening of the military, among others. Trump is also excited to play another role in his administration, and for the people- that of becoming a great cheerleader for the country.

The Make America Great Again is no longer just a slogan, it has begun as soon as the people handed Trump the victory. And in 2020, it would definitely transition to Keep America Great!. That's certainly something worth looking forward to for all Americans.

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