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Shocking Tale Of A Canadian Girl's Sufferings From Sexual Assault Committed By Syrian Migrant Boy

The Rebel media posted a disturbing Youtube video report of a story its journalist and commentator Faith Goldy has been working on for almost a year that may seriously cast doubts on Western countries' seemingly politically-correct policies on migrants, especially when such supposed virtuous agenda tragically tramples on host-countries own citizens' rights and safety.

The Rebel report discussed the harrowing experience of how a young girl's supposed fairy tale first high school dance turned into a vicious nightmare due to the wild transgression of a migrant boy. A 14-year old girl from Fredericton High School in New Brunswick in Canada attending her first school dance in October last year was sexually harassed by a Syrian migrant boy.

The report went on to discuss the graphic details of the repugnant crime, where the boy simply walked up to the girl-victim and wantonly touched her most private parts. The assault happened so fast and aggressive the girl did not know what was coming to her. The girl's friends were able to pull her away before further disgusting harm could be done to her.

The report featured an interview with the girl's mother who discussed with Goldy how her daughter's tragic experience did not end with the Syrian boy's deplorable indiscretion ,but went on as she tried to seek redress for what happened to her daughter. The mother said the school was not as helpful and accommodating to her request for a meeting about the case, and even made her feel as if her complaint was not important.

The mother unfortunately also received the same cavalier attitude when she accompanied her daughter to report the matter to the Fredericton City Police. At one point, there were even comments made that seem to justify the boy's unforgivable action, blaming it instead to the boy's situation of coming from another country, adjusting to Canada and the raging hormones of an adolescent boy. Imagine how horrifying that is to the mother out to get even semblance of justice for her young daughter.

But the mother and daughter's woes did not end there. The victim was asked to make a video statement of what happened ( this by itself is already curious, why a need for a video statement that will most likely put the victim ill at ease in discussing a most sensitive issue as sexual assault?), and the mother was even denied the permission to accompany the girl inside the room where she was asked to give the said recorded oral testament. Worst, one detective even had the gall to ask the girl after if she was aware about the repercussions her statement or accusation can do to the Syrian boy, as if putting the blame and the guilt card on the young girl's shoulders and conscience.

It appeared to the mother that the police were not interested in filing charges against the Syrian migrant boy, attributing their apprehensions to "cultural things". The mother felt that the Syrian boy got preferential treatment simply because he was a migrant, and so escaped the normal process a Canadian boy would have gone through had a natural citizen committed the same crime.

Goldy went out of her way to dig deeper, and requested for access to information to get more statements from other school officials. The journalist's investigations showed that other teachers and student-witnesses' statements corroborated the victim's story. Alarmingly, however, Goldy's probe revealed more cases of sexual assaults perpetuated by Syrian migrants in the same school.

The Rebel also had a hard time getting through the school's top officials and Goldy's persistent requests for interviews were met with silence. The journalist-commentator had the unsettling feeling that the school administrators were more interested in protecting the Syrian migrant boy. Adding to her shock was a statement from the school that the boy was actually cooperative and working hard in his classes, and they were afraid the story would make the boy a target of attacks in school. The school administrators were actually more worried about the boy than the girl victim! And Goldy had the sense of the sick misguided perspective that because the boy was supposedly doing well in school, that fact can absolve him from his sexual assault crime, that it negates the violence committed against the Canadian girl-victim? Truly repugnant!

Goldy found out that the boy was suspended only for a week, and quickly allowed to get back to be in the same school with his victim. The Canadian girl tragically had to miss more weeks of school, and had to see a mental health professional to help her deal with the trauma from the assault.

It appeared that the Canadian girl victim is victimized the second time around in her own school, in her own country, by her own people as she is being made a sacrificial lamb-her innocence, her fragile mental health, her academic life- for the sake of maintaining the semblance of Canada's political correctness with its migrant policy. Never mind if The Rebel found out out in its 8-month long investigations, poring over 3,000 documents, involving five Canadian provinces that the 14-year old victim from Fredericton High School is not an isolated case. On the contrary, Goldy discovered many other cases of Syrian refugees abusing Canadian girls in schools. Those are not just wild accusations but actually documented and The Rebel has made public the pieces of evidence for this reprehensible pattern of crime against Canadian girls committed by Syrian migrants.

Canada enjoys a grand reputation for political correctness before the world, and the government is obsessed with bannering their refugee program and policy to further propagate such proud, wonderful international reputation. Sadly, it seems more determined to protect this projected narrative and belief even at the expense of the protection, safety and defense of its own citizens, innocent young girls included. Is not that the bigger tragedy than the refugee problem?

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Jim Bullock No. 1095 2017-01-20 : 03:42

How the conservatives get back into power soon. Ever since the liberals have taken office our country had been sliding in every area. Abortions at am all time high, legalizing recreational use of marjuana, same sex marriage, shutting down the oil industry, and now the refugee crisis. Please pray for Canada. See what happens when we take God out of the schools, out of Parliament. God will certaily let us reap the consequences of our poor choices. This poor little girl certainly should not be subject to such abuse, especially from her school, home town, police, province, country. If they can't live accordingly send them back. Surely the second coming of Jesus draws near. God bless this young girl. Rebel and The Goldwater for having the courage to report this disturbing story.

Jim Cherney No. 1102 2017-01-20 : 10:22

Thanks for the endorsement Jim. We do our best at The Goldwater. Indeed, this girl deserves protection, and an opportunity to live in a civilised situation.

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