By: Steve Dellar | 11-01-2017 | News
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Podesta And Mercury Were Preparing Oil Territory For Russia

As we now know, Paul Manafort (Mercury) has been summoned by special counsel Robert Mueller whilst that same day Tony Podesta stepped down as head of his firm (Podesta Group), knowing full well he is next on the list.

This is because the only business item linking those two together is that they both lobbied for the interest of Ukrainian Ex-President Victor Yanukovich, who is known as a Russian puppet controlled by the Kremlin (which is where he fled to when his people revolted against him in 2015), and thus both worked indirectly for Russian companies.

Podesta Group’s efforts during the 2016 US presidential campaign focused on getting financial sanctions lifted for Russian banks (Sberbank and VTB Capital) as well as different Russian oil companies (such as Rosneft and Gazprom), whilst Mercury mainly tried to setup meetings for those above mentioned Russian energy companies wanting to discuss expanding their territories. Sberbank admitted this in a press release earlier this year (

Furthermore, if you look closely to the economic sanctions against Russia that (previously run by Hillary Clinton’s) State Department put in place in 2014, they place “certain financial restrictions” on and make it illegal for American companies to export to Russia or Russian territories or do, and this is the important part, oil business anywhere that Russia is doing business. All Mercury and Podesta had to do is know where and when the US would pull out of Iraq for the Russians to enter and take over.

The result of all this is that both Rosneft and Gazprom have now entered the Iraqi market (since March 2017) whilst former President Barack Obama gave the order for US troops (and thus protection for US Oil companies) to pull out of Iraq, combined with the knowledge that no US company could invest in Iraq after the Russians entered.

In all, the specific wording of those sanctions are tremendously helpful to Russian energy companies in Iraq.

American companies are unable to compete and give Russia a total domination of large energy territories and oil fields in Kirkuk. All this, thanks to sanctions put in place by Hillary and Obama. And lobbying by Mercury and Podesta.


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Anonymous No. 10882 2017-11-01 : 15:34

Those brothers need to go to prison

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