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Court Rules In Microsoft South Korea 'Hostess Bars' Case

Being jealous of your colleagues never leads to any good. Whoever thinks that everyone in a company is treated equal and no one gets any special treatment is dreaming, I will admit that, but to go and complain to your bosses because someone got a bit more than you comes over as childish and immature my friends. Trust me on this.

So also ruled a judge in the case of the two former Microsoft managers, Mr Eric Engstrom and Mr Ted Stockwell, who claimed that they were fired by the tech behemoth because they had dared to complain about suspicious corporate expenses filed by another employee.

Mr Engstrom and Mr Stockwell, who lost their suit in the King County Superior Court, had contended that they were wrongfully terminated after reporting concerns that a subordinate was improperly using company cash at South Korean “hostess bars” for services that may have included prostitution.

In other words, they thought their colleague was spending office money to get laid in South Korea and told their boss as much. The expenses totalled some $22k.

In any event, the alleged South Korean “hostess bars” visits (with clients of course) took place in 2010, Engstrom and Stockwell complained in 2011, and were fired in 2014. According to them, because of what they had said in 2011.

King County Judge Veronica Galván did not see it that way and ruled against Engstrom and Stockwell, saying they “failed to establish that the expense concern they raised was a cause or a substantial factor for their terminations almost three years later,” and adding that “there is no evidence of any bribery of foreign officials in this case.”

An appeal has now been filed with the Washington Court of Appeals.

Microsoft released a statement: “The plaintiffs failed to provide evidence to back up their allegations, which is why a judge recently dismissed their case before it even got to trial.”


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Anonymous No. 10883 2017-11-01 : 15:34

22.000 dollars for some lapdances in South Korea…

Anonymous No. 10889 2017-11-01 : 16:07

South Korea not best Korea. Only North Korea best Korea !

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