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Florida Man Disembowels Girlfriend, Tells Police She's a Blow-Up Doll with Human Flesh

There's those moments when Florida Man is the hero we need, but not the one we deserve; and the case of 32 year old Jerome Ernest Wright certainly fits the bill for that mantra.

Miami-Dade Police said they received a call to their dispatch about a very odd and somewhat foul smell coming from a residence at 6268 NW 23rd Avenue late in the evening on Friday.

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The caller claimed to be Wright’s mother, 62 year old Della Rosalie Wright, who said that she lived alone at the home with her 32 year old son.

Once Police arrived to the scene and spoke with her she said the smell was coming from his room, suggesting “that boy just ain't right”, so law enforcement began to approach the doorway.

As they came closer however out walked Jerome Wright, completely naked and drenched head to toe in sweat.

When asked why he was so sweaty, Wright told police that he had a stomachache.

Thinking it was a bit odd but not trying to delve too far into why a naked 32 year old black man covered in sweat was walking around his mother's house in such a fashion police made their way inside the room.

What they would find next was disgusting, as they saw what appeared to be semen on Wright's bed.

Could he have been in there masturbating? Maybe.

They continued to inspect the room but the disturbing odor was beyond overpowering and it appeared to be coming from Wright's closet.

When they opened the closet door it was as if they'd become real-life depictions of a horror movie, discovering a completely mutilated corpse covered in sheets with the leg of the body decomposing and protruding from the sheets.

Police quickly went back to Wright’s mother who told them that her son's girlfriend, 52 year old Deanna Clendenin often stayed with him overnight.

Mrs. Wright said that when she asked her boy what the smell was that he told her that “he saw a rat in his room, had diarrhea and that the dog defecated on the floor”, also saying that he smelled like blood.

An odd response to say the least, in fact I'm not even sure if this makes sense at all, but apparently the man's mother felt the same hence her contacting police.

She said later that day she smelled the same scent from her indoor garbage bin and took the trash outside but didn't examine the contents.

This of course prompted the officers to go and question Jerome Wright, who had a rather odd explanation of the finding in his closet.

Wright, wildly preposterous and still naked, said that what police found wasn't a real person.

Stunned, investigators looked at each other and then back at Wright asking him what exactly he meant by this.

His response was that the corpse in the closet was “a life sized blow-up sex doll, with human skin”.

Police said Jerome Wright also repeatedly made bizarre statements such as “if you find something in my room it’s from the Internet.”

Before he was arrested, he also told police he hadn’t seen Clendinen in five months.

As Detectives arrived to the home alongside Crime Scene Investigators they discovered that across the midsection of the corpse was a large laceration, and several of the female's internal organs had been removed.

Upon further inspection of the residence they located the organs inside of a garbage can outside the house.

So not only was he housing a decomposing corpse in order to apparently have sex with it, but he was also removing her organs for God knows what reason.

That's probably the greatest unsolved mystery of all in this story.

In complete disarray from what they’d just witnessed, law enforcement seemingly had a potential homicide on their hands but no evidence to prove that was what had occurred as per a cause of death.

According to the Police Department Jerome Wright was already on probation for a <a href="">charge last March of aggravated battery </a>where he had assaulted his girlfriend Clendenin.

He was apparently keeping the body and having sex with it, in some sort of demented fetish of necrophilia.

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Since he was on probation already Jerome Wright was charged with abuse of a corpse, but he has yet to be charged with murder until an autopsy can be performed to determine the cause of death.

“Pending the Miami-Dade County medical examiner’s report, we’ll know which way the investigation will go,” said Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, noting that Jerome Wright still claims the body is an inanimate sex toy, and not that of his girlfriend who has still yet to have been reported missing.

Truly a case of the ages, to say the least; likely making the words of his mother, Della Rosalie Wright, immortal in saying <i>”that boy just ain't right.</i>

"It's hard to deal with something like this, I'm just devastated," Della Wright <a href="">told reporters on</a> Tuesday. "I would ask my son, 'why would you do something like this? I never know in my wildest dreams that you would do something like this.' This is what I would say to my son. And what you done is wrong. Morally it was wrong."

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