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Mississippi Mayor Catches Car Burglar and Beats Him with a Paddle until Police Arrive

This is one of those stories that everyone needs to listen to, and almost all people need to witness.

There's a major problem in the black community including lack of proper parenting and respect for your fellow man being instilled into the minds of children when they're young.

A huge part of that is that so many black men (contrary to what the leftist media says, go ask a black person) abandon their families and children grow up without fathers.

Certainly, that happens in all cultures but not having a masculine role model in the lives of the young black person's adolescence contributes greatly to crime such as robberies, drug dealing, and gangbanging.

In Jackson, Mississippi this is all too common where the streets are plagued with this type of criminal activity.

However former Mayor of Jackson, Tony Yarber, said even knowing what occurs in his community he was shocked when he was heading out to his car and caught a couple of young punks in the act of breaking into his automobile.

Yarber says parental defensive instincts took over, and to defend his family and his his truck door opened, he kicked it knocking one burglar down before tackling him as the second suspect took off running.

Once Yarbor kicked the thief in his car, he dropped a gun from his waistband. Tony Yarber could have been shot but fortunately, he says God was on his side that night.

Being that this happened inside of Yarber’s garage, his wife called emergency 911 to send police to the scene while Tony Yarber had a different plan.

Yarber then held the criminal down and pulled out a wooden paddle, and proceeded to paddle the juvenile right on his backside.

No, I'm serious. Give this man a medal.

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Cell phone footage of the incident shows Yarber saying, “When you break into people's stuff, it's because somebody ain't whipped your tail.”

“It's hard to understand what really could have happened in that situation, him having a gun and all, so I'm just grateful to God that nobody was hurt,” says Yarber.

This story is inspiring for multiple reasons, especially because Yarber’s response is going to do more for the crook than anyone apparently in his life ever has.

If these young punks had this in their lives, to begin with, such crimes would be few and far between.

"He said some things that made me mad," Yarber said. "He asked me not to kill him because he's got a 2-month-old baby, and I'm like, 'My kids are in my house right now.'"

"People keep talking about lethal force, but I don’t want to take any more credit than I should, but I guess if I’m putting on my other hat, my restraint came from God," he said.


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