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Can You Get Herpes from Lipstick?

Can You Get Herpes from Lipstick? My personal opinion, yes, possibly. And that is exactly the reason I never want to try them at any stores.

October 30, TMZ reported that a California woman filed a lawsuit that she got infected labial herpes because of the tester tube at the store.

This woman claims that she sampled a tester lipstick at Hollywood Sephora store, and after that, Herpes virus was diagnosed.

It seems that it is possible that someone gets infected VIA lipstick sample, but realistically, it is more likely that this woman has been a carrier of labial herpes, (commented by Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious-disease specialist and a senior associate at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore)

Oral herpes, so-called "cold sores", is caused by HSV-1. An estimated 67 percent of people under age 50 have HSV-1, according to the World Health Organization. This is very common, but some people hate it, and almost "strong taboo". There are "online dating site" for HSV carriers. "Free HSV Dating - Meet HSV+ Singles Near You" !!!

This seems to be actually ridiculous for some people (especially– if you are familiar with Asian culture), but there are a certain amount of people who just cannot be tolerant of this. They do not want to share any food with anyone because they do not want to get infected. They want to share nothing. They want to stay "Clean".


But people share food, people eat together, people eat from the same plate, sharing food, sharing time to eat means sharing your emotions and the great time together. Also, if you eat the same thing, you will get sick together, that means you really are in the same boat. That is how you really feel you are belonging to someone else, that is how you are connected with people other than yourself.

Your mom gets sick if you are sick. You get sick if your mom is sick.

That is how it works.

So I am not going to deny "public health", which is really important. But at the same time, being connected to others means being compromised by others.


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