By: Kyle James | 11-01-2017 | News
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Chief Editor At NPR Placed On Leave After Sexual Harassment Claims From Two Women

Michael Oreskes, the Chief Editor at Nation Public Radio, has been placed on leave Tuesday after two women come forward to claim he kissed them back in the 1990's while he was Washington bureau chief at the New York Times. The two women came forward anonymously to the U.S. public broadcaster and the Washington Post to tell their stories. Attempts to reach the vice president of news and editorial director at NPR have been unsuccessful and NPR has not made a public statement regarding the accusations.

However, NPR did acknowledge that Oreskes was placed on leave after an investigation into a separate incident two years ago where made sexual advances on a female producer including talking about sex and prodding her personal life after a dinner. Rebecca Hersher said she was made to feel uncomfortable by the advances and said that "it undercut my confidence." NPR's statement Tuesday regarding the incident between Oreskes and Hersher said, "We take these kinds of allegations very seriously. If a concern is raised, we review the matter promptly and take appropriate steps as warranted to assure a safe, comfortable and productive work environment. As a matter of policy, we do not comment about personnel matters."

The women from the most recent allegations say they had met Oreskes to talk about getting a job back when he ran the Times' Washington bureau. That is when Oreskes unexpectedly kissed them and stuck his tongue in their mouths during the unwanted assaults. Danielle Rhoades, a spokeswoman for the Times, says they are taking all allegations of sexual harassment seriously and are looking into the accusations further.

Oreskes is just the most recent in the current stream of sexual harassment allegations levied towards powerful public figures which include Mark Halperin from ABC, Hamilton Fish from The New Republican, Leon Wieseltier form The Atlantic and Harvey Weinstein, the producer who started the cascade.

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Mike King No. 10867 2017-11-01 : 11:22

Now if they could bring the Orange weiner wagger up on charges. Strangely hushed up.

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