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Video: Black Bear Trick or Treats in Gatlinburg, Tennessee Candy Shop

He's smarter than the average bear!

No, it wasn't Yogi Bear who was after picnic baskets in suburban Gatlinburg, Tennessee city; but instead it was a black bear in Halloween that literally spooked the locals as he rushed the streets and went into a candy store for his own brand of trick-or-treat.

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This is the time that Boo-Boo bear would be telling Yogi something along the lines of, “But Yogi, the park ranger isn't going to like it!”

In this case, no <i>do not feed the bears</i> sign could have stopped the sweet tooth of this wild bear.

Tina Aucker, an employee at Aunt Mahalia’s Candies, a local favorite for fresh candies in the popular tourist region, posted the video of the bear running through the streets to her Facebook account.

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Quite fitting for Halloween, showing that everyone needs a little candy on Halloween.

Many people stopped to take photos of the bear, according to Tina, telling <a href="">Local News WATE-TV</a>, “There was a lot of screaming and yelling going on.”

"I come walking around like this and there was a bear standing right there. And I looked at it like this and I said, 'Hang on one moment and I'll be right back.' I turned around, walked back to the door and yelled, 'Amy, there's a bear out here,'" Aucker said.

She said fortunately nobody was inside of the store when the bear rushed in to satisfy its cravings.

She said that the bear was not just having a sweet tooth, but she thought he was sweet and just wanted to be like the other kids around Halloween.

"Poor thing. Believe me, I would've gave him everything," she said.

The story has began to go viral on Facebook, quite fitting for Halloween.

“Bears are spending a majority of their time eating right now,” said Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildlife Biologist Bill Stiver.

Stiver says this is the time of year when they're searching for new sources of nourishment.

“They’re somewhat tolerant of people this time of year so one of the key things is to keep your distance.”

Regardless, the tourists who are in The Great Smoky Mountains who saw this have an amazing tale to tell their families back home now.

“It was pretty wild,” said Aucker.

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Anonymous No. 10814 2017-10-31 : 20:21

Those animals are no joke when they get in a confined space with a human.

Anonymous No. 10834 2017-11-01 : 01:59

Sure looks like a joke in the video though

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