By: Earnest Jones | 01-18-2017 | News

NEW Investigation Uncover Plots to Chain the Trains and Shut Down DC During Trump's Inauguration

Leaders of the DisruptJ20 movement and other affiliated fringe groups have been planning to disrupt President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. This is according to the Part 2 of a series that Project Veritas has just released. Its no surprise to find out that most of these activities are likely to violate multiple criminal laws.

Several DisruptJ20 meetings took place throughout Washington DC and one in Brooklyn in which Project Veritas journalists were invited via Facebook. Speaking at a DJ20 Spokes Council meeting, Carrefour, the NY.DJ20 organizer expressed his intentions to block all major points of entrance to the District of Columbia by bridge, highway, and Metro Rail. Legba was holding a conversation with another organizer in which he expounded on a plan to chain trains at Metro Center, L’Enfant Plaza and Gallery Place.

Carrefour states that him and his accomplices figured that if trains pull up, one person was going to lock one end of a chain to an edge and the other end of the chain to the end of the car. Adding that it only takes 15 seconds and everyone can leave and the train will not be in a position to move since its anchored.

The Washington Examiner recently had an interview with Carrefour. However, the details that the Project Veritas revealed were not mentioned in the interview. Apart from the blockades, the DJ20 organizers emphasized that protesters should set up donations tables meant for the homeless at strategic places so as to block traffic.

In a statement made by Eric Sheptock, who is one of the DisruptJ20 Organizers, he revealed that they’ve been encouraging protesters to give to the poor and homeless in a move aimed at blocking vehicle traffic that will be moving towards the inauguration.

The renowned Co-Founder of the Smash, Mike Isaacson classified all Trump supporters as Nazis, this took place at a DJ20 Action Training Camp on the 15th of January. Isaacson emphasized that when his followers are confronted by a Trump supporter, they should react by punching them in the throat.

The DisrupJ20 is a group composed of multiple leftist organizations that include Industrial Workers of the World, the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, Refuse Fascism, Smash Racism DC, and the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition. During the various meetings, organizers distinguished permitted actions and arrestable actions. However, the majority of the volunteers and organizers expressed their willingness to be arrested; they simply admitted that they are willing to engage in criminal compliance.

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