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Manafort Laundered Money And Spent $1.78M Including 5,231-Square Foot Home In Florida

Florida seems to be an important part of the case against Paul Manafort after the former Trump campaign manager's indictment Monday revealed that he laundered vast sums through companies incorporated in Florida and had a taste for the high life there.

Earlier Monday morning The Goldwater reported on the federal government's indictment against Paul Manafort which was unsealed Monday after a special investigation headed by former FBI director Robert Mueller.

Mueller was charged with investigating potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and the indictment against Manafort is the first fruits of that investigation. Now, new details emerge drawing the picture of a close tie between Manafort and Florida after revealing a "home automation, lighting and home entertainment" company based in Florida received a whopping $1.3 million in wire transfers from 2011 to 2013. Another as of yet unnamed Florida contractor received $432,000 in wire transfers between the same years in 2011 and 2013. A third company, this one a Florida art gallery, was given two wire transfers during the same period totally $31,900.

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The indictment also claims Manafort spent some of that money at local Florida businesses and even bought a 5,231-square foot home in Palm Beach Gardens which is listed as a mailing address for several of his Florida companies used in the scheme. Seven Florida companies including Daisy Manafort LLC, John Hannah LLC, Lilred LLC and MC Soho Holdings LLC all used the home as their mailing address.

Manafort and his former business partner Rick Gates were both indicted on 12 counts which included conspiracy to launder money, making false statements and a whole slew of other charges. Most likely this is just the beginning of a larger take down, Mueller is starting off by going for the small fish and the pawns which will take pleas for reduced sentences in exchange for bringing down bigger fish.

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