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79-Year-Old Triple Murderer Released, Can't Stop Committing Homicides, Kills Again in Wheelchair

Some animals just aren't fit for the civilized world; and whether they belong in the jungle or in a cage is for you to decide.

Such is the case of a now 79-year-old St. Louis man, Torrance C. Epps, who was sentenced to prison for 30 years in 1973 for the murders of three people.

In those triple homicides, Epps killed three of his wife's relatives inside their home on the 2900 block of what was then Franklin Avenue, now (unsurprisingly) named Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Torrance C. Epps murdered his wife's mother, 44 year old Pauline Clark, and his wife's grandparents, 72 year old couple Matthew and Pauline Sherman with a revolver on December 3rd of 1973.

During that time Epps’ wife Linda Clark Epps and his young son left him because of his domestic abuse (also unsurprising) which led him to hunt for her.

After a week straight of searching he became convinced that his in-laws were hiding his estranged wife and child, at which time he allegedly went to police who couldn't assist so he then went to their home and shot and killed them in a rage.

Even more shocking Epps only served 14 years for those murders (are you kidding me) and was sent to a halfway house in 1988.

During his stay at the halfway house he managed to escape the facility after only being inside for a month.

Authorities say he was a wanted fugitive for eight years, until he was caught in a Federal Food Stamp Raid (imagine my shock) where he paid an Undercover Agent $380 for $615 in food stamps.

That's when Epps was sent back to prison in 1996 and served until he was yet again paroled in 2003.

Now he's back in custody after the fourth murder of his lifelong career as a typical savage (who the hell would let this monster out of prison) after he killed a woman on January 19th of 2017.

During the court proceedings Epps claims that he saw 32 year old Tiandra Johnson, the assistant office manager at the Lafayette Towne Senior Housing Complex (where he resided) leave the building earlier that day.

He claims that she used a spare key to enter his apartment and stole his “entire life's savings”, which infuriated him.

At first Epps reported a break-in at the residence which is located in the 3800 block of McRee Avenue, which resulted in the police being unable to find the culprit.

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That's when Epps decided to take matters into his own hands, obviously being an experienced killed, and rolled his wheelchair past the courtyard and through office doors and gunned down Tiandra Johnson in cold blood.

Police Lieutenant John Green said Epps had indeed complained that money had been taken from his apartment last weekend.

"He suspected her of stealing his money or having something to do with his missing money, and shot her in the chest," said Green, of the department's homicide unit.

Originally charged with first-degree murder Epps was able to arrange a Plea Deal for second-degree murder, assault, two gun charges, and two counts of armed criminal action where would only receive 18 years (Black Privilege?) behind bars.

During the sentencing St. Louis Circuit Judge Dennis Schaumann accepted terms of a deal with prosecutors but has to ask why exactly Epps did it.

“It was my life savings,” Epps said from his wheelchair Monday morning in the sentencing hearing.

“Is that a reason to shoot somebody?” Schaumann asked.

“I was awfully upset,” Epps said. “I’m awfully sorry.”

Epps told Schaumann he had “no doubt” about his decision to pleading guilty.

After the judge read each charge, Epps responded emphatically, “Guilty as charged.”

Now a repeated and lifelong killer (who will probably die in prison since he's 79) was somehow able to receive only 18 years for killing his fourth victim. Amazing.


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Anonymous No. 10754 2017-10-31 : 10:26

So giving him a Semi-Life sentence, has cost another Life.

When will these Anti-Death Sentence Kum-bi-ya protesters figure out that there are some people that must be culled?

The Death Sentence has been a simple straight forward practice that worked for over a 1000 years. Murder someone and you died in a Public square to warn others from doing the same.

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