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Former Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Tony Yarber caught a burglar in the act of stealing from his home and paddled him. Yarber said of the encounter, "He scared me because I wasn't anticipating walking up on somebody literally breaking into my vehicle."

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His wife first noticed a running car with two people in it out in front of their home and that's when Yarber went outside to discover a thief trying to break into his car. The kid ran into his garage and Yarber captured the kid holding him down until police arrived hitting him on the ass with a paddle to keep him in line. The scene is a classic stereotype for old-fashioned justice and one has to assume that thief will think twice before trying to steal from him again.

The hilarious scene was captured by one of Yarber's children on cellphone video. The police arrived shortly after and took the thief into custody but what Yarber didn't know is the kid actually had a weapon. Tony Yarber was mayor of Jackson, Mississippi from April 24, 2014 – July 3, 2017, and is currently retired as mayor.

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In south many states have Laws allowing a person to defend their self and property using any force available in Felony, or Life Threatening Situation.

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