By: Earnest Jones | 01-17-2017 | News
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr Is Pushing The LGTBQP Madness

Its unfortunate that has little to no consideration of the societal healthy existence, in fact, the media outlet is up to no good, its been striving so hard to push the LGTBQP madness with the sole intent of corrupting and eroding the societal moral values. In what appears to be a deceptive strategy, has been using flowery words to appeal to the masses, such include substituting terms such as tranny with transition. However, the site doesn’t tell you that trannies walk down the street at night yelling at every man that walks by that they will do blowjobs for free. This is the kind of pathetic madness that is advocating for.

Extremist Democrats such as the extremist lesbian Democrat Annise Parker are trying to compel the society to buy into their wicked ideologies, they are doing so with the help of media outlets such as the to spread the wicked ways.

The transition gender madness encompasses the term of many gender identities associated with those who do not identify or exclusively identify with their sex at birth. However, its not indicative of gender expression, hormonal makeup, sexual orientation or how one is perceived.

The standard narrative that these wicked individuals use to spread the transsexualism idea is that all MtF transsexuals are women trapped in men’s bodies. By claiming that they’ve always felt that they were born in the wrong body, they hope to justify their obnoxious desire to change sex.

The society at large is getting impatient with these wicked trannies who are bat shit crazy. The trans men and women are not automatically trannies, its simply a decision that they make. The media outlets that are advocating for such obnoxious and wicked ideologies such as are very offensive to the greater majority of the society and to anyone who has all their full faculties in place. has been spreading the idea of bearded faggots claiming to be girls, they are just deluded faggots.

LGTBQP are people who don't have all their full faculties in place. Its only right that media outlets such as change their ways and focus on molding a healthy society. By protecting people from undesirable liberal ideas, instead of endorsing obnoxious ideas, they can educate the population about the negative consequences of homosexual marriages.

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Anonymous No. 1075 2017-01-18 : 05:22

Trannies should be required to wear armbands signifying their terrible choice so normal people can better avoid them in public.

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