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Royal Family Threatened By Muslim Jihadist Fanatics Inspired By ISIS

While ISIS is losing ground every day in the Middle East and their stranglehold on countries like Iraq and Syria is all but eradicated their ideology is alive and well and thriving with the help of technology. Today ISIS fanatics released a threat against the British Royal Family, in particular, young Prince George, using a cryptic messaging app called Telegram that allows users to communicate anonymously.

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The barbaric Muslim jihadists issued the threat in the form of a message containing an image of the young Prince George, the name, and address of the $24,000 a year school he attends and the comments "Even the Royal Family will not be left alone. School starts early." The ironic thing about this threat is that it actually gives a heads up to the security for the Royal family and may even provide enough information to at least have some clue as to who made the threat and where the message originated from. The message also contained lyrics from a jihadi song which translates to "When war comes with the melody of bullets, we descend on disbelief, desiring retaliation." The message was uncovered by an investigation by A Daily Star and security experts commented saying it was critical to monitor the Telegram messaging app.

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The cryptic app has been labeled a "breeding ground" for terrorists and has been criticized for allowing evil groups like ISIS a platform to communicate. The heinous terrorist group ISIS is said to have used the app for such purposes as recruiting the perpetrators of the Christmas market attack in Berlin last year. The group also uses the app to claim credit for their barbaric acts.

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Anonymous No. 10723 2017-10-31 : 02:36

Use the metadata from the app to find these criminals!

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