By: Earnest Jones | 10-31-2017 | News
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Roman Polanski’s Child Rape Charges Haunt Him: Feminist Activist Claim It Is Indecent to Honor Him

There’s so much bad blood against Roman Polanski especially from a feminist activist who’ve come forth in France as they attempt to stop a planned retroactive of his works from being displayed in an upcoming film festival.

The festival is scheduled to be hosted by The Cinémathèque Française, a major Paris-based film archive that is partially state-funded. It’s darn frustrating for the taxpayers' money to be used to help showcase the works of a man who’s wanted for fleeing rape charges against a 13-year-old child back-in 1977.

A renowned feminist activist Laure Salmona, claims that it’s very indecent to honor Polanski “at a time when women are beginning to open up about sexual abuse and harassment in the wake of the allegations that toppled Hollywood producer Weinstein.”

Many agree that Polanski should not be honored at any point and that he ought to disappear into thin air. Having been a sexual predator that fled justice, it's unfortunate that people are still willing to work with him.

The fact that he is a sexual predator outweighs his brilliance in filmmaking. This does not imply that his actions have faded in our minds, I mean, he shouldn’t be forgiven for raping a child.

I find it irrational whenever Random Tony is accused of being a child sexual predator and everyone is inclined to hate him, yet some people hear of another predator who created their favorite tv shows/movies and they’re now willing to make excuses about the same.

It’s obvious that Polanski’s genius has already been tainted. Not just by him being a rapist, but also by him being a coward about his actions. I mean, who flees from justice for more than 40 years. That’s a pathetic legacy he’s leaving behind.

It’s unfortunate that The Cinémathèque has declined to pull the retrospective, on the grounds that it will not “take the place of the justice system”. This is where feminists have stormed in as they call for protest upon Polanski’s arrival.


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