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Photo credit: Lexington Police

North Carolina Parents Arrested after Maggots Found in Baby's Diaper, 7 Children in Filth

It's a parent's responsibility to take care of their children and provide for them in the most loving fashion possible; and for most of us we couldn't imagine doing anything that would risk harm to innocent children.

Unfortunately in Lexington, North Carolina a couple have been charged after a disgusting case of both child abuse and child neglect was found to have existed in their home.

The Lexington Police Department say they received a tip about children living in absolutely disgusting conditions, so they went to the home at 410 Irma Avenue in order to perform a Child Welfare Checkup.

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As officers approached the home they said they could smell urine before they even entered the front door.

Once inside they say dirty diapers piled up all across the house with human feces covering some of the children and smeared on the walls.

He house was covered in trash and filth, and there were a total of seven children inside the house.

The policeman called emergency medical responders to the scene who took two 18-month-old twins and a 1-year-old to Lexington Medical Center for treatment, and were later transported to Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston-Salem.

They are currently listed as being in fair condition, and the 1-year-old has been released to Davidson County Social Services.

Staff at Lexington Medical Center said they found maggots in the diaper of one of the children, which implies that the diaper hadn't been changed in nearly a week.

Several unkempt animals were in the home too who had apparently been urinating and defecating all throughout the residence.

24 year old Michael Patrick McKnight, parent to three of the children, and 24 year old Jamie Leigh Hiatt, parent to four of the children were both arrested and transported to the Davidson County Jail.

They're facing multiple felony charges including felony neglect-child abuse involving serious injury and six counts of misdemeanor child abuse, according to the Lexington Police Department with the potential for future charges in addition..

They're being detained on individual $100,000 Cash Bonds until they appear for a hearing on November 20th.


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Anonymous No. 10709 2017-10-31 : 00:35

What a nasty couple

Terry Cam No. 10713 2017-10-31 : 00:58

Wanna bet they are liberals, they were talt that it was everybody else problem the way they raised their children. They didn’t do anything wrong!

@terry No. 10730 2017-10-31 : 04:28

You aren't doing your respective side any favors either when you can't spell simple words like "taught".

Travis No. 10823 2017-10-31 : 22:03

I'd love to spit some beech nut in that dude's eyes

And shoot him with my old .45

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