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Deer Rescued After Head Stuck In Plastic Pumpkin

Residents of Anderson Township called in sightings of a deer with an orange plastic pumpkin on its head for over four days before a group of people tracked the deer and snared it with catch poles. The group was able to free its head and release it safely after following it up and down a hill for hours.

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At first, Daryl Meyerrenke said residents called in for four days asking what they should do if they encounter the deer with the pumpkin on its head. Callers were saying a "full-size deer…seen running around Anderson Township with a child's plastic pumpkin literally stuck on her nose." Meyerrenke told WCPO he informed the callers that an attempt to rescue the deer would be dangerous but concerned citizens decided to help anyway. "Despite the danger, these determined residents were able to converge on the deer after following it up and down hills for many hours," Meyerrenke said.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: Daryl Meyerrenke</span>

One man even told Meyerrenke his Fit Bit logged a total of four miles traveled on foot before neighbors finally "encircled the deer" with catch poles. One trapped, "the deer had no way out but to try and break (through) the human line." When the deer was finally freed by Meyerrenke's son Aron she went to immediately to drink water at a creek and graze, while four days may seem like a long time without water it is not a problem for deer.

Deer can go as long as a month with no food or water, and since the foods they eat contain 50% or more water they may not need to drink free water at all if lush enough vegetation is present but the exact dietary requirements of white tail deer are still not fully understood.

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Anonymous No. 10710 2017-10-31 : 00:37

Lucky guy. This could have ended badly.

Anonymous No. 10711 2017-10-31 : 00:40

Dear are dangerous. They could have killed someone

Frank Kennedy No. 10719 2017-10-31 : 01:56

Deer kill more people than sharks

Anonymous No. 10724 2017-10-31 : 02:39

Lucky deer for sure, might have been a long agonizing death if she wasn't picked off by a mountain lion. It would be very difficult to avoid predators with that limited vision and bright orange target saying "EAT ME".

Anonymous No. 10757 2017-10-31 : 10:56

Misleading facts used.


(Yes, but not as insinuated.)

Yes due to Deer strikes by vehicles wear the front seat occupants had 150 lbs of meat crush them at 50 mph. NOT Deer attacking humans.

NOTE: During Rut season (now) , sure the Bucks are aggressive and will charge.


Mosquitoes, kill more than any other animal.

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