By: Savannah Smith | 01-17-2017 | News
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British Politician Says CIA Is Targeting Trump For Assassination

Someone who has the means and capacity to kill wants President-elect Donald Trump dead.

According to the opinion of a British politician, it is not a particular person but an organization who wants to assassinate Trump. George Galloway has issued a warning to the incoming 45th President of the U.S. that the organization is no less than the powerful CIA who is targeting the incoming Commander-in-Chief for assassination. Galloway, a popular leftist political leader is also famous for making controversial, wild and provocative statements and views in the past. Galloway offers various explanations that could explain the motivation behind the intelligence agency's supposed Trump assassination plot.

Galloway thinks that Trump should find it alarming that there's a wide opposition-coalition made up of a curious mix of strange political bedfellows as Democrats, with some Republicans and such personalities as John McCain. Aside from the usual "overt military industrial constituencies", Galloway says Trump should pay attention to the Democratic opposition. These large coalition, Galloway argues, has embraced CIA irrespective if it's propagandist and pro war in essence.

Galloway gives the biggest emphasis, however, to the pro-war stance and framework of the CIA to be the most compelling motive the agency would have in wanting to have Trump killed. He says the group is pro-war because they make such a huge profit from it while on the other hand, Trump has always professed that he is not keen in engaging the U.S. in costly and unnecessary wars. It is the fear of the potential loss of massive earnings from wars that would push the agency to target Trump for assassination, Galloway insists.

The English controversial politician who was kicked out of the labor party several years ago and who is known for giving views other politicians would go all-out to avoid making, also gives a rather wild theory. He posits that the British government may have a role in the assassination plot. He even goes as far as claim that it was Britain, and not Russia, that interfered in the U.S, election. Galloway has always been consistent in his view that England has a long history of smearing other governments.

Galloway gives common sense practical tips to Trump to be careful and extra vigilant about his safety from avoiding grassy knolls, motorcades, or traveling on open-top cars - suggestions that Trump and his security would have implemented, anyway, with or without assassination threats.

Trump is well aware of his tenuous relations with the CIA, but reports have it that Trump intends to neutralize current hostilities with his own selection for the next CIA boss. Some say Trump should be careful not to commit a miscalculation because the CIA chief do not have full control of the complex agency, with various elements at play, each with an interest to protect.

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