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Pedophile in Indiana Arrested after Putting a Camera in Girl's Restroom

The Franklin Police Department in Indiana said they've made an arrest for Child Pornography and a multitude of other charges after a man placed cameras inside of a girl's restroom.

A 13-year-old girl contacted the Police after she said she was taking a shower and as she began undressing to hop in she noticed a green light flashing in a shoebox inside of a closet.

She then approached the shoebox and she said she opened it to find a small black device inside.

As she attempted to leave the restroom with the electronic device in hand Police say that's when Pedophile Chris Walker came in behind her acting erratic as if he was looking for something.

The girl then went home only to find out her mom wasn't there so she went to a neighbor’s house to show them what she had found and explain the situation.

Upon inspection the neighbors determined it was indeed a camera and they called law enforcement.

Once police arrived the the neighbor noticed that an SD card was missing from the camera, which had originally been inside of the device when the teen showed them the camera.

Apparently the young girl was embarrassed and ashamed and had taken the SD card to her house to attempt to erase the files inside.

Fortunately Police were able to retrieve the SD card from the victim.

After reviewing the footage on the SD card they then located Christopher Walker, the man who had came into the restroom after the teen and placed him under arrest.

Walker now faces child exploitation, child pornography, and voyeurism charges.


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Anonymous No. 10735 2017-10-31 : 05:31

Freaking perv should have his testicles cut off

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