By: Steve Dellar | 10-30-2017 | News
Photo credit: Tyfanee Fortuna | Facebook

Chihuahua Ate Owner to Survive

Chihuahuas went into fashion for being on the arms of leggy celebrity females as the ultimate must-have. Paris Hilton even had a doggy mansion for her collection of poodles and Chihuahuas. The first one was called ‘Prada’.

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However some of these girls would be frightened of their little pet if they read the next story.

Miss Tyfanee Fortuna was so glad to share pictures of her new pet online, which she had gotten from a shelter, but her Facebook followers were a little less enthusiast when they heard about the dog’s survivalist skills.

“Maybe this is the group where he finally gets the recognition he deserves. This is Rumpelstiltskin and he is 4lbs of love and nervous shaking. His legs are weirdly long for his small body and also bowed out in a way that makes them look like a fancy table. He likes food, undivided attention, and sleeping for many hours at a time."

“I adopted him 1yr ago from an animal shelter because his owner died.”

But then came the creepy part.

“Bonus info: his owner was dead for a considerable time before anyone noticed and he did eat his human to stay alive. +1 for being a survivalist pupper.”

Yes, you read it correctly, this tiny dog (and thus probably his whole breed) ate his owner to stay alive. Ladies with tiny Chihuahua’s, I hope you never pass out into a coma with your pooch next to you, because this dog doesn’t think twice.

Facebook users reacted with shock at Rumpelstiltskin's story. A first user commented: 'He scares me but I love him.'

'Bless his heart & his Queen Anne legs. Any animal would do what he did to survive & look at the size of him it’s not like he’d eat much is it,' another user posted.

Then a third person said: 'Wow I have so many thoughts right now! He is very cute. Very unique. I'm pleased he was found and now has a safe loving home. Best story ever. Well not for the owner. But what an epic doggo!'


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Anonymous No. 10676 2017-10-30 : 16:43

Whoa that's insane!

Anonymous No. 10689 2017-10-30 : 19:26

Bad doggie

Anonymous No. 10694 2017-10-30 : 20:36

Chihuahuas shouldn't be allowed to breed. their race should end, same with pugs and all those kind of dogs. their bodies simply aren't healthy.

Anonymous No. 10715 2017-10-31 : 01:28


They should breed chihuahuas with those big fighting dogs, to give the fighting dogs better personality. Chihuahua dogs are so sweet.

Anonymous No. 10738 2017-10-31 : 05:44


I would describe chihuahua meat as savory, not sweet. Tribbles are sweet.

Anonymous No. 10781 2017-10-31 : 14:47

ouch >.<

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