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Ohio Woman Claims her Ikea Glass Table Exploded Spontaneously

There's been a commonly recurring theme all across the United States of America and elsewhere, saying that glass products from Ikea including shower doors, glass top stoves, microwaves, and other home furnishings and appliances are simply exploding on their own without anyone being around.

That's exactly what just happened to an Ohio woman, after she says her glass top desk exploded spontaneously without any human interference.

Holly Burns says she was cooking dinner in her home and she heard what sounded like an explosion coming from her son's bedroom, freaking her out.

"I was cooking dinner, when I heard a big sound like a big boom, and my first thought was a tree had fallen into the house, that's how loud it was," she said.

That's when she went rushing upstairs towards her son's bedroom where she thought the noise came from.

"His glass top desk had just shattered. Basically exploded," she said.

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Fortunately her son was away at school, because she says the entire room was covered in glass including in her son's bed.

"We were just fortunate no one was around," she said.

Not knowing as to whether or not she was just an unfortunate victim of such an occurrence, Burns says she began researching the possibility of it happening elsewhere online.

She was in complete shock as several consumer safety complaints were posted from people all over the world saying the same exact thing had happened to them.

One common integer that each of the cases had in common, were that they were using Ikea products and they were all built with some type of tempered glass.

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Further investigation shows that the tempered glass is poorly manufactured, and often times has factory defects that go unreported when the product is shipped out to retail centers.

In fact the<a href=""> Consumer Product Safety Commission </a>has more than a dozen identical complaints on its website about Ikea glass tables spontaneously exploding.

Ikea is playing defense now, having released the following statement:

<blockquote>”The safety of our products is always our main priority, and our entire range is tested rigorously to meet the highest standards. Over time, small knocks and fractures can affect the durability of tempered glass. We understand the experience of the glass breaking can be distressing. However tempered glass is designed to shatter to minimize risk of injury.”</blockquote>

Experts say that the tempered glass, unlike plate glass shatters into thousands of tiny shards instead of typical large slivers, which is why it's so dangerous.

Many videos are all across YouTube of others who have suffered from the same misfortune.

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While these insane explosions are happening in a variety of products, they seem to be often involved with Ikea products, which is a great reason to buy American due to proper inspections before sale.


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Anonymous No. 10677 2017-10-30 : 16:43

I hope she died

Anonymous No. 10682 2017-10-30 : 17:07

All the more reason indeed to buy American, and support Trump's America First. Ikea should be facing a lot of class suits by now. Maybe next time any one decides to buy an Ikea furniture or any home item, it should come with an insurance? So now, don't go for cheap, easy, seemingly functional. Buy at your own risk!!!!

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