By: Steve Dellar | 10-30-2017 | News
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Sarah Sanders Seen As A Steady Ship In Rough Waters

During her first few weeks as White House Press Secretary, Ms. Sarah Sanders was mostly mocked by the mainstream media.

Having to follow up after Sean Spicer, who was made immortal by Saturday Night Live, and the rousing waters of Anthony Scaramucci, who was sacked after 11 days on the job, her position seemed to be the one that no one wanted, and the one where she would surely get fired out of soon.

Not so apparently for the daughter of Republican old guard Mr. Mike Huckabee. A few months in and everyone seems to agree she’s doing a great job.

Upon arriving at the White House Correspondents’ Association event in Washington, Ms Sanders has gone from being a sideshow to a well-respected spokesman for the Trump administration.

As she took center stage at George Washington University which was packed with journalists and students, she said: “I’m hoping maybe this crowd is a little bit nicer than the one I sometimes face.”

Ms. Sanders represents the Christian conservatives of Southern US who claim that they have been left out in the cold during the more liberal Obama years. Before every press briefing, she reads from a book of Christian devotionals to the gathered journalists.

Mr. David Brody, chief political correspondent for CBN says that whenever Sanders speaks on the Christian network’s pro-Trump talk show: “the social media director said he has never seen so many emoji hearts. She has a charm about her. She’s feisty but in a bless-your-heart sort of way.”

She is known for giving short answers, often pleading ignorance and even promising to get back to the questioner in her White House audience. Her Southern feisty-folksy manner is also proving to be a more elusive target for journalists and satirists, leaving her mostly with praise rather than scolding from the press.

Even the bitterly Trump opposed New York Times speaker at the event, Mr. Glenn Thrush, offered this testimony of the current press secretary: “In praise of Sarah, and the way she has handled the briefing room, I give her incredibly high marks for lowering the temperature and engendering an environment of mutual respect.”


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Anonymous No. 10663 2017-10-30 : 14:58

Whoever dare to object to Sarah just gets a smackdown… Boom !

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